Sunday 15 November 2015

Sunday Smiles #5

I'm gutted I missed my Sunday Smiles post last week, especially because it was such a great week!
That's actually why I missed it, I didn't stop for breath all week. In the best possible way. I thought I'd be able to be a potato and chill this week. But, obv not. It's been just as busy.

I actually debated whether it was appropriate to post Sunday Smiles this week in the wake of the of the atrocity that's shaken the world. I decided that it would actually be more inappropriate to not post. People have lost their loved ones, people are scared and a whole city, if not the whole western world, has been turned upside down. Surely it's more important now more than ever to appreciate every little thing that makes you smile and be grateful and happy.

I feel so grateful and humbled.
We don't know how lucky we are to wake up surrounded by our loved ones.

So this is what I've loved this week!

I finally got myself back in the gym. HALLELUJAH. Belive it or not, I actually love the gym. Yep. I'm one of those losers. I just find it practically impossible to put down my tea, change out of my PJs and drag myself out of my flat. Especially in torrential downpour. But I did it. I can now eat my biscuits guilt free. Cos, y'know, I go to the gym.

I started my new job! Admittedly, it wasn't a particularly interesting shift as I'm still learning and getting the hang of stuff but I'm getting all the positive vibezzzz. The girls I'll be working with are lovely, it fits in well around uni (Although god only knows how I'm going to find time to blog, too!) and I get the inside goss on new releases and info. Which is just fab cos I'm hella nosy. Also: discount...Nail varnish... Need I say more?

A kind stranger helped me out when I broke down with a flat tyre on my way home from work. I was in a bit of a state as it was hammering it down with rain and Martin and I just couldn't fix it, but a lovely guy named Thomas came and saved the day. He stood in the rain and struggled through changing our tyre then went on his way. What an absolute star.

You may know how much I love Sundays (they're pretty much a holiday in our house: Sunday Funday), and Martin and I celebrated with pancakes for breakfast, a wander round town to look at the pretty christmas lights and have a browse and we stopped for a brownie. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon and tonight we are cwtching up and watching Star Wars. Wish me luck...

This Tuesday I was lucky to be able to attend the Lush Christmas Blogger Event. Lush are such an exciting brand that emulate everything I believe in - they are quirky, cruelty free and natrual. I had a lush time (HA see what I did there?) and got to meet such a fabulous blogger. They also gave us some of the best goodies from their christmas collection in our goodie bags. YAASS.

Got to love a family outing. My Mammy and little sister, Josie, came to visit me in Cardiff to go christmas shopping. I'm the worst person. I hadn't even started thinking about them until then. Yep. I'm well on my way now, though. S'ALL GOOD. It was so nice to have a little girly day and spend time with each other. Noodles were also involved.

I received my Kindness Box from Cotton Traders and it was full of the loveliest gifts. They were so perfect for what I've needed recently and will definitely keep me cosy this winter. It really perked up my morning and kept me smiling all day. I'll talk more about this in Tuesday's post so keep your eyes peeled!

What has made you smile this week? :-)



  1. Wow you are so lucky to attend a lush event! Glad you are enjoying your new job as well x

  2. Such a cute little post! I hope you have fun at your new job :)
    Shona x

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