Saturday 5 September 2015

Sunday Funday

What to do on Sundays...
Is it possible for a Sunday to be... As fun as Saturday? *gasp*
For most people it is reserved for sleeping off a hangover, watching Netflix all day and not even getting dressed. The general consensus is that Sundays are boring.

What is this about?!
There are two days in the weekend, people!
Such a tiny number as it is, but people only seem to use the one and just waste the other. I've never understood this - Sunday has always been my favourite day of the week. 

I've put together a little itinerary (I'm not as much of a loser as I sound, honestly) for a relaxed and fun Sunday to inspire you to use the full weekend. No longer does Sunday have to be the boring day of the week, it is not merely Saturday's comedown; let's beat the Sunday blues and turn Sunday into Funday! (See what I did there?).

1. Wake up. Yes, enjoy a lie in but try not to spend the whole day in bed, as tempting as it may be after a crazy Saturday. Drag yourself out of bed and into the kitchen. (It gets better I promise).

2. What better way to make Sunday a bit special than a special breakfast? I look forward to a fancy Sunday morning breakfast every week. Forget cereal, whip up some pancakes with oodles of fruit or syrup. Or maybe some french toast. Or waffles. I love breakfast...

3. Once breakfast is finished, its time to head outside. Yes. Outside. A beautiful way to spend a Sunday morning is by venturing to a local market, or even a car boot sale. Most areas have farmer's markets on a Sunday and it is just so lovely to spend a morning wandering through the stalls seeing all the goodies. Maybe pick a bunch of flowers to fight off the impending Monday doom. And some cakes while you're at it.
(Check when and where your local farmers markets are here:

4. After you've had your fill of the market, which if you're anything like me is NEVER, stroll on over to a local park or anywhere where you can enjoy nature. If you're in the city just wander the streets and take everything in. There's something so peaceful about walking aimlessly, and you'll be surprised what you discover. (On my last Sunday walk I ended up in the most beautiful, quaint  village and I completely fell in love!). Maybe even take your camera and get snap happy with nature or the buildings. It might even make a good blog post. ;)

Llandaff, Cardiff. 
Kenfig Pool, Bridgend
5. You've probably had enough of nature and the outdoors now. That's okay. Make your way to a tea room or cafe - maybe one you came across during your meandering - to enjoy a pot of tea (and more cake...) and watch the world go by.

6. It's time to head home now. Do what you need to do for a while until evening strikes! For me the only way to round off a Sunday and indeed the week, is a pub quiz. Loads of pubs choose Sunday as the day to host their quiz nights so you shouldn't have a problem finding a nearby quiz. Round up your friends, enjoy the quiz then cozy up into bed ready for the week ahead of you knowing you've had an awesome complete weekend.

Are you a fan of Sundays?
What do you normally get up to?


  1. What a lovely Sunday! I actually really like Sundays, we usually sleep in a little before heading to the farmers market to get stuff for the week and to make a nice breakfast. It's so relaxed but fun!

    1. I'm glad it's not just me! Sounds like you've got Sunday's nailed - relaxed but fun is definitely how it should be :-)

  2. Quite a great Sunday. I'm actually sitting here drooling at the pancakes as I'm quite hungry. Also I love that you end the day at the pub. My kind of person!


    1. Go make some pancakes asap!! There is no other way to round off the week - I'm all about pub Sundays!

  3. Oh I love Sundays, perfect day for a combo of fun and laziness!! Though I usually work on a Sunday now, so they are pretty different, but it is fun doing shop work on Sundays, you get all the happy Sunday people visiting!

    1. I worked in a pub most Sundays for a couple of years which is probably why I am so obsessed with making the most of it now I have them free haha! I agree though, customers seem to be a lot cheerier on a Sunday :-)

  4. Sounds like the perfect Sunday! I can't wait for the weekend now (and it's only Tuesday)!

    - Courtney


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