Wednesday 23 September 2015

Cruelty Free Dupes | MAC Lipsticks

Who wants MAC dupes?!
Everyone in the whole world...

Not only are these lipsticks that I have been searching for PAINSTAKINGLY a billion times cheaper than MAC lipsticks they are also cruelty free. How amazing is that?
I've literally had a discoloured arm for the last week from so much swatching but I (and the lovely staff at all the shops) finally found the matching shades that I was happy with. So without further ado, please enjoy these gorgeous shades with no animal testing! Woohoo

One colour that everyone has been losing their shit over for the last couple of months is Velvet Teddy, and the hype is clearly here to stay. (Everyone be wanting that Kylie Jenner pout *sassy girl emoji*). If I used MAC products this would definitely be the shade I would go for. The swatches don't even do these lipsticks justice. The only difference is that Velvet Teddy is a matte shade and these are not, I know that's part of the appeal of VT but I personally don't think it makes that much of a difference, especially with the GOSH shade as it's so pigmented and rich. Despite the B. lipstick not being the same finish it is the exact same shade - the girls in the shop were absolutely blown away by how similar they were, and it's vegan!

B. Cupcake - £7.99
MAC Velvet Teddy - £15.50
GOSH 122 Velvet Touch - £6.99

Another favourite at the moment is Brave and it's easy to see why. It is gorgeous! I know it's not the most "Autumnal" of shades but I think it's a classic that could easily be enjoyed all year round. This shade from GOSH (002 from the Matt collection) is pretty much an exact match and the formulas are equally as lovely. GOSH's formula isn't drying like so many matte lipsticks are and I think it's a great little purchase. The also have a very similar finish so I would say this is a real dupe, and a job well done from GOSH!

MAC Brave - £15.50
GOSH 002 Matt - £6.99

Diva just seems to be the shade of the minute. Anything deep and berry-like just screams Autumn to me! This was definitely the most tricky one actually, it is a very unique and rich shade which I have to give MAC props for. This shade from Sleek (Vamp) isn't an exact dupe but it's pretty close. They both have matte finishes but Diva is slightly more purple than Vamp and it's a bit darker. The Sleek shade is more burgundy than wine but I actually think I like it  more, especially for a third of a price and the knowledge that no animals have been harmed for it!

MAC Diva - £15.50
Sleek Vamp - £4.99

Another thing I loved about all of these products are the packaging. None of them felt "cheap". As much as I love MUA and Makeup Revolution, the packaging doesn't even slightly resemble the quality or style of the higher end brands. The Sleek and GOSH lipsticks come in very... well, sleek packages, while B.'s packaging is so innovative. It has a click-and-twist type packaging which means there's no chance of the lid coming off in your bag and covering everything you own in lipstick smears, as happened to me yesterday. Sob sob.

I hope this shows are there so many alternative to the likes of MAC and other brands that test on animals and I will continue to work to find brands to rival these favourites. If there are any products that you particularly would like me to find a dupe for please let me know. I'm always up for a challenge!

T. xxx


  1. Thanks for sharing this, hon. Very thoughtful post + great finds!!
    xox Nadia

  2. Thankyou for crediting my photo! This is such a great post, I love finding MAC dupes x

  3. Sleek is so similar! Barry M have a lot of good dupes too, but I'm not sure if tbwgew cruelty free xx

    Tamz |

  4. MAC Diva is kind of like Topshop "beguiled" (or their 'wine gum' lip bullet). Love the dark vampy shades
    Jess | ♥

  5. THis is a fab post. I've recently gone vegan and I need to sort out my makeup kit and swap. I'm a major lippy addict, so I need to look into if Nars is cruelty free.

  6. Beautiful swatches here. Loving the MAC diva a lot.

  7. That's a brilliant post! I'm terrible at knowing my stuff when it comes to cosmetics. I didn't even know that MAC does animal testing... Thanks for enlightening me :)

    Mika |

  8. These all look amazing! I will have to check them out

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  12. Thanks for sharing lovely! Cruelty free is the way to go xx

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