Tuesday 23 February 2016

Saturated Colour LipSStick* Review

Saturated Colour LipSStick, Naked Pink
There is very little more exciting than finding a new affordable cruelty free make up brand with a selection of vegan products so when the newly rebranded Saturated Colour (previously Kiss Cosmetics) sent me one of their LipSSticks * I was over the moon and excited to review it for you guys.

If you previously were a fan of Kiss Cosmetics you'll be glad to know their products are all the same, if you're new to the brand then you will not be disappointed! (Promise!).

Naked Pink LipSStick Close Up


Friday 19 February 2016

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette Review & Swatches

When I posted my post-exam haul you all said how pretty the blush and highlight palette from MUR was. And it is. SO PRETTY.

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette

So now I've had a few more weeks to play with it and plaster my face in ALL the shimmery blushes and be a glowy princess at all times, it's time to share my thoughts.

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Blogging & Social Media

bloggers and social media

I think it's reasonable to suggest that bloggers are maybe a little bit, just a teeny weeny bit, obsessed with social media.

Not only is is just perf to let us have a little nosey at the girl who we sat next to in year 10 science and her brother's girlfriend's best friend's dad, but many of us also rely on it to get traffic to our blog. Especially us newbies. (Well A Cup of T is 6 months old now!). Views don't just happen when you haven't established yourself as a blog worth visiting - so we turn to social media.

It's probably fair to assume that Twitter is the main social media for the majority of us, and for good reason - it is bloody great! You've got the amazing blogger retweets that can be such a help in the early days and my favourite thing about twitter - the "social-ness" of it (yeah, duh, I know, social media).

But there's just so much more interaction than you get with Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Especially twitter chats (if you haven't experienced the chaotic joy that is a twitter chat do it ASAP). It's such a great way to make some new friends, find blogs and share your own while having, what is usually, an interesting discussion of some kind.

I clearly have very little negative to say about twitter. Apart from follow-unfollow-follow folk... I AM NOT GOING TO FOLLOW YOU OK?? I have recently decided to give Facebook blogger pages a go since becoming part of The Girl Gang. I love the Facebook page for the group - so much positivity and happiness and just awww.

So I joined the Blogging Network first.
And swiftly left.
ALL THE SPAM. SPAM SPAM SPAM. SPAM 4 SPAM? LIKE 4 LIKE? Are we 11 year olds on Bebo? Really? What is the good in thousands of likes on your blogs Facebook page if they are superficial swaps? What about wanting genuine interaction and growing a real following who actually enjoy your blog? Am I old fashioned?

I then, however, joined the UK Bloggers group which seemed much more regulated. and was full of REALLY knowledgeable, helpful bloggers. No more spamming the page with post after post, just a nice thread of "comment swaps". Or so I thought. I still think it's a great idea - you comment on the two posts above yours and the two who post after you subsequently comment on yours. How fair! And I LOVED the diversity in posts that I read as a result of it - so many new, wonderful blogs I wouldn't have encountered without Facebook. Some real new favourites!

But, of course, just because I read every post thouroughly, leave a thoughtful comment and maybe even read more and follow if I like it, doesn't mean everyone else does. I've had a "great post! xx" (which I'm pretty sure is against the thread rules) and even a comment that was irrelevant to the post or completely missed the point - as if they hadn't even bothered to read the title! So I'm unsure if I'll continue to use Facebook, I haven't had fun interaction or made new friends and it just feels... false. 

As for Instagram, that deserves a whole post of it's own. That's not something I personally use as a blogging platform to share posts etc, but I do love following my favourite bloggers on there and seeing some extra insights into their lives. When it comes to instagram, though, moreso than any other platforn, it's pretty important to take it all with a pinch of salt and not get sucked into the apparent perfection of everyone's life. (You just know behind that lush flatflay is 3 and a half pairs of socks, a chocolate wrapper and the rest of your floordrobe).

So, what's the point of this incredibly long rrambly post?
Don't get hung up on numbers - use social media (namely twitter) for what it was intended - to interact and have a chat. You can have thousands of followers or likes, but if no one is genuinely enjoying your blog of their own accord then what is the point? And finally - Instagram is a big fat lie, but a pretty, themed lie at that. So enjoy it, but be yourself.

Do you use any of these social media platforms for your blog? What are your thoughts?


Friday 12 February 2016

DIY Sharpie Mug

I've come to realise just how differently people "do" Valentine's Day. Especially to me.

SO. MANY. WISHLISTS. All full of bags and make up and clothes and what have you.
I still read them and oggle over all the lush things people are lusting over but I'm a bit, like, "woah". 
This is not, in any way, me being judgemental. You do you. Always.

To me, though, Valentine's day is cheesy, sweet and old-school romantic. Give me a bunch of pretty flowers and a box of chocolates over a Michael Kors bag any day. (What an absolute lie - not any day at all. PLEASE CAN I HAVE THE BAG?). But you get the idea. Save the pricey gifts for birthdays and christmas.

So, if you'e more on my wavelength and don't want to spend a billion pounds on X Box games or a Lorac palette for you boo here's a little summin for ya.


Tuesday 9 February 2016

10 Things To Do When The World is Out to Get You

You know the days.

Where you don't know what to do with yourself because everything is on top of you. You don't have enough time/money/motivation to do everything that you need to do, and it's all just a bit too much.
Sometimes, though, those days just seem to come at you like a train and it's just one after another after another. You can easily get a bit burnt out.

As a final year uni student juggling my lectures and readings with exams, my dissertation, blog, part time job, trampolining and trying to have a bit of a life and relaxation (why do you hate me, world?), you better believe I know the feeling well.
Here are some of the things I like to do to fight back at the world or to just feel a bit better for an hour or a day.


Friday 5 February 2016

Top 10 Disney Moments That Destroy My Soul

This surely goes without saying but this post is going to be absolutely riddled with spoilers but, quite frankly, if you haven't seen these films GET OFF MY BLOG. (Just for this post though, come back k?).

Disney knows better than anyone how to tug at the old heart strings and after watching Monsters Inc the other day and sobbing my little heart out, I thought I'd compile my top 10 saddest disney moments. I've included "Disney Pixar" in the list 'cause some of those have me crying like a baby.

Soooo I'm not going to exclude them for a technicality when we all know Disney & Pixar are a match made in heaven like tea & biscuits, salt & caramel or bloggers & flatlays. *a billion heart emojis*


Tuesday 2 February 2016

January In a Nutshell | Round Up

Happy February, hunzzz.
We’re now far enough into the year that I’ve stopped writing 2015 all.the.time.
January always feels to me like a bit of a trial run, but now 2016 is truly underway. Not sure I like it so far...

Until last week I was holed up in a onesie drowning myself in tea while revising so I can’t say I’ve experienced many products that have filled me with excitement or been worthy of being “Favourites”. Aside from a fabulous few...

B E A U T Y / F A S H I O N

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