Friday 19 February 2016

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette Review & Swatches

When I posted my post-exam haul you all said how pretty the blush and highlight palette from MUR was. And it is. SO PRETTY.

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette

So now I've had a few more weeks to play with it and plaster my face in ALL the shimmery blushes and be a glowy princess at all times, it's time to share my thoughts.

First thoughts - the packaging is great and sturdy. It's glossy and plastic with a good latch so it's not going to pop open in your make up bag AND it comes with a monster mirror, much like my beloved Death By Chocolate palette. It just feels a bit more luxe than the £6 you're handing over for it.

One of my biggest niggles with the palette is that they haven't given each shade it's own name. I loved that they did that with their eyeshadow palettes - I just think it's a nice touch. Poor, sad, anonymous shades.

I've seen some people who have said that this isn't an every day palette but I WHOLLY disagree.The highlighters can be as subtle or HELL YEAH as you like and the same goes for the blushers. There is only 1 I can say I definitely wouldn't wear day-to-day (or even in the night either, to be honest). The rest are so wearable.

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette Swatches

So I only realised how STUPIDLY I had swatched once I'd photographed and uploaded. The above swatch are the very left four going top left, bottom left, then the next one in on the top down to the next one on the bottom row. Don't even ask. I have issues.

The first two swatches are the highlight shades. One is an icy white highlight which manages to not be too cool for warmer skin, probably becuase of the stunning beige veining. I personally love to mix the two highlights to get the perfect shade for me - it gives an almost champagne toned shimmer and I love it. It is not glittery or chunky at all.Winner.

The next two are two of my favourite blushers. One is a seriously pigmented matte pink blusher. I just didn't anticipate the pigment when I first applied it, 'cause, y'know £6 (???!!!), but trust me when I say I did not look great. But when applied like a normal, sane person it is beautiful. SO lovely for every day. The next is more bold with a satin finish. It is a purple toned blusher that is EVERYTHING. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I'm devastated that the swatch didn't do it justice.

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette Swatches

Same applies to these shades and the ridiclous order I swatched them in (3rd form the top, 3rd from the bottom, far right top, far right bottom). What even is my problem.

To be completely honest the only shade out of these swatches I can say I truly love is the pinky blusher. It has plummy veins running through the pan and gives such a beautiful finish. It's probably my favourite as it's definitely more "wearable" than the other purpley blusher.

The rest are just so warm. The orange blusher I can't get on board with, and it's not that I don't like orange blushers - one of my all time favourite is this Milani Baked Blush. It has a satin finish and is so pigmented, it just look pretty ridiculous on me. However, it can work as a gorgeous eye shadow shade.

The final two mixed together are reasonable to bronze with, again giving quite a nice colour and a subtle shimmer. They are best applied with a light hand as they are pretty damn pigmented, too, I'm hoping the combo will be a bit more season appropriate when it starts to get a bit warmer (when the eff will that be??). I definitely wouldn't contour with the matte shade as it is a bit... warm. But it might work on darker, warmer skin tones than my snowman skin.

Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Palette

Overall I highly recommend this palette. It works out at 75p a pan and they are a pretty decent size, so even if you buy it solely for the highlights and one or two blushers I would say you are definitely getting your money's worth.



  1. This looks gorgeous! I love a sheen to my blushes as they really help give my dry skin a glow. I don't think I would use the two shades on the far right of the palette, but I can see myself getting A LOT of wear out of the others. I'll definitely be picking this up in the near future! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  2. I cannot believe this palette is only £6!! I also cannot see all the colours working for all skin tones.. but am glad there were some that worked for you!! If only the shades had names.. I think that is such a lovely touch !!


  3. This palette is just so darn pretty. My skin is looking rather pale at the moment so I don't think the warmer shades would suit me either, but I am still tempted to get it. The highlights look great!

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  4. Gorgeous colours in this palette! I am pretty new to palettes anyway but what a bargain!

  5. Oh my gosh its so pretty! And especially for £6 you'd expect way less! Love it x

  6. This is super pretty! I love a good highlighter and its great that Make Up Revolution are cruelty free - here's hoping they can confirm that some of their products are vegan, too!

  7. This is super pretty! I love a good highlighter and its great that Make Up Revolution are cruelty free - here's hoping they can confirm that some of their products are vegan, too!

  8. I saw you post a photo of this palette on Twitter and I'm not going to lie the next time I popped to Superdrug I had to get it hahaha! It was such a bargain <3
    I don't really contour to be honest so I'm glad the highligher and blushers are good and pigmented :)

    Ali :)
    Ali Caitrin

  9. I own this palette myself and I personally don't get on with the majority of the shades. I LOVE the highlight though and such a good price! x

  10. MUR totally slay with palettes. TOTALLY. SLAY. I have the contour palette of theirs and I thought that was pretty - this is something else!!! Just look at those swatches. Definitely need to place another order with them soon <3

    N xxx

    Lovelaughslipstick x


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