Friday 5 February 2016

Top 10 Disney Moments That Destroy My Soul

This surely goes without saying but this post is going to be absolutely riddled with spoilers but, quite frankly, if you haven't seen these films GET OFF MY BLOG. (Just for this post though, come back k?).

Disney knows better than anyone how to tug at the old heart strings and after watching Monsters Inc the other day and sobbing my little heart out, I thought I'd compile my top 10 saddest disney moments. I've included "Disney Pixar" in the list 'cause some of those have me crying like a baby.

Soooo I'm not going to exclude them for a technicality when we all know Disney & Pixar are a match made in heaven like tea & biscuits, salt & caramel or bloggers & flatlays. *a billion heart emojis*

10. Hunchback of Notre Dame - "The Feast of Fools"

This whole film is damned depressing from start to finish, but the "Feast of Fools" scene has me crumbling every single time. When Quasi is crowned the King of Fools and thinks people are accepting him it's so heart warming but when that first tomato is thrown... Well it quickly turns into one of the most gut wrenching scenes ever.

9. The Fox and the Hound - Widow Tweed leaves Tod in the forest

OH, TOD. I'LL TAKE YOU HOME. When he looks so longingly at Widow Tweed as she walks away and you just know it's breaking her heart just as much as his... And yours. That speech she makes in the car had me sniffing back tears before shit even got real.

8. Bambi - Bambi's mother

One of the more "iconic" childhood crushing scenes. When they're running from the poachers and you're just sitting there waiting for the shot. You know what's coming. It gives me chills every time!! I can't help but wallow in just how real it is. Yes, maybe the deer don't talk (I said maybe) but mothers shot by poachers is not an uncommon occurance in the lives of animals.

7. Wreck It Ralph - Volcano sacrifice

Such an underrated Disney film! Ralph is such an easy character to love and root for, even if he is "the baddy" so when he tries to sacrafice himself to save Venellope it just redeems him all the more. Especially that bloody speech!! It definitely had me sniffling.

6. Monster's Inc - Saying bye to Boo

This was the scene that inspired this post. I forgot how much I adoooore this film. Not only is Boo the most adorable character of any film e v e r, Sully is a major cutie, too. When he has to say goodbye to her knowing it's the last time he'll ever see her... Is there anything sweeter and more depressing? Especially when Boo opens the wardrobe thinking he's behind. OMG stop it's too much.

5. Big Hero 6 - Baymax's sacrafice

"Are you satisfied with your care?" Aw man. I can't. There are no words. ALL THE FEELS OVER HERE!! After losing his parents and his brother, the thought of Hiro losing Baymax too is just too much.So damn intense.

4. Dumbo - "Baby Mine"

There are plenty of scenes in Disney films where children lose their parents, but a scene where a mother is separated from her baby is almost unbearable. Paired with the. most. depressing. song. ever. it is a seriously heart breaking scene. (Backed with a lot of truth about how circuses operate, FYI!)

3. Toy Story 3 -The furnace

If seeing the toys that were such a big part of your childhood falling to a firy end isn't enough to bring on the waterworks, seeing them all approach it with hands held as a team is sure to turn you into a blubbering mess. It is one of the most poignant moments in any film!

2. Up - Carl & Ellie

Almost a stand-alone film of its own - Carl and Ellie's story that kicks off the film just hits home. Lonely elderly people always tug at my heart strings, you just know they've probably got hell of a story to share and I truly think relationships today are just not like the relationships they would have had in their days! It is a beautiful, tragic story that reduces even grown men to tears! 

1. The Lion King - Mufasa's death

This is probably the ultimate. Not least because it is arguably one of the greatest Disney films ever but the stampede scene is so tense from start to finish and when Mufasa is thrown from the cliff by Scar (FUCK YOU, SCAR) it is chill inducing. But it's Simba's reaction that really gets me choking back tears sobbing hysterically.


Now I've depressed myself enough - what is your favourite disney film?
Are there any sad scenes you think I've missed?


  1. Not gonna lie, I teared up at the mention of Bambi's mother. That scene broke me as a child as it's so real.
    And DON'T EVEN MENTION BOO AND SULLEY. Their friendship. I have such a soft spot for Monster's Inc it's unreal. My favourite Disney Pixar film ever!

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. It was so hard to narrow it down to ten moments, you realise how many bloody sad films Disney have made! Monsters Inc is WAY underrated, its incredible!

  2. I bawled my eyes out at fox and the hound not going to lie oh and bambi and up! Oh joy hahha! Great post x

    1. I think the animal films have a way of getting right at you! They're definitely some of the sadest ones. Thank you :-) x

  3. The Lion King scene always makes me cry! Also the Wreck it Ralph ending is just perfect. In Inside Out the scene with Bing Bong always makes me cry haha. I'm such a big kid at heart.
    Shona x

  4. I totally agree with your list, Disney definitely know how to pull the heart strings!

  5. When I was a kid I used to bawl my eyes out at Snow White. Every time she was in the glass coffin I used to think she was actually dead. Broke my heart every time.

    1. I didn't even think of Snow White as a sad film but you're right! X

  6. Disney movies are sooo upsetting! I ever remember as a child being inconsolable by Mufasa dying in the Lion King - definitely up there with the most upsetting movie scenes ever!xx

    1. I think every child has been scarred by that scene!! x

  7. Some Disney films are upsetting! Every time I see the lion king I always cry at the mufassa scene :(

  8. I won't lie. Every one of these had me in absolute bits!

  9. I'm a massive softie so cry at films all the time! The fox and the hound and bambi really hit hard! The beginning of Tarzan where that little gorilla gets taken too 😩 so sad! xx

    Kate |

  10. The beginning of Up slays me all the time!!

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  11. Oh my gosh the Feast of Fools had me in floods of tears alllll the time !! To this day I cannot watch a single one of these and not get teary!! Mufasas death is so so sad !


  12. This might be my favourite post ever. I agree with so many of these, Disney are pretty good at making me tear up!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

  13. I thought I was overly-soppy and weird for getting choked up at the Baby Mine scene in Dumbo, it's heartbreaking :'( And Monsters Inc,'Kitty got to go' and that music, ugh nooo! I've had Bambi on Dvd for years and I still can't bring myself to watch it because of the poaching scene :$

    Jamie xx

  14. YES to all of these! All so emotional moments and they have all made me cry, Baymax's sacrifice is definitely the most recent one where I was moved to tears. Disney are really good at creating such emotional scenes in their films.


  15. I agree with all of them, but now I feel so sad! :(

    One that you missed that I STILL haven't got over is "Bing Bong" from Inside Out. I'm actually welling up just thinking about it. So freaking sad!

    Morgan | The Rose Quartz

  16. Big Hero Six where Baymax sacrifices himself broke my heart, it's such a loving caring scene, and the monster inc scene where they say goodbye to boo also breaks my heart its just too sweet! I've always hoped they'd make another monster inc film with boo in it

  17. Omg I'm in work having a little lunch time read and almost in tears at my desk! Hahaha! Why?!
    Such a great post. I'm going to watch all of these again! xx


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