Monday 31 August 2015

Monthly Photo Diary | August 15

I love doing little round-ups of all the photos I've taken during the month. It's so nice to look back and remind yourself of the lovely things you've been up to. Especially in months like this. The first word that springs to mind when I think about this summer is, unfortunately, boring, but this shows me how much I've actually done. And it's been a lot, as it goes! Going to Edinburgh twice was obviously a high point, but the rest felt a bit slow and uneventful but I've had some lovely days out with Martin, my best friend and her baby came to visit me, and I started this new blog. Yay :-)

We had a gorgeous day in Folly Farm in West Wales on one of the warmest days of the summer. It's somewhere I used to go as a child so I couldn't wait to take Martin. It was easily as good as I remember!

 Look at the adorable little meerkat! He followed me round the whole pen and didn't stop posing for the camera. What a sweetie!


Friday 28 August 2015

Burrito Bowl | Food

Who loves burritos?
This girl loves burritos!!

I think it's fair to say that everybody loves burritos? Yes? What's not to like?!
Soft rice, beautiful beans, all those flavours, crunchy pico, juicy chicken and all that guacamole...
Oh my god, it's just too much. I can't cope.
Well this will change your burrito eating experience forever. In the best possible way. Enter:



Wednesday 26 August 2015

A Weekend in Edinburgh | Travel

Simply put, Edinburgh is the most wonderful place for a weekend away.
There is a never ending supply of things to do and see and everything is just picture perfect and beautiful and OMG. It's impossible to put my camera away!

I'm lucky enough to visit this incredible city fairly regularly as my boyfriend, Martin, is a native. My wee haggis. Lol no not really. 
It still never fails to wow me.

Just look at that city-scape in the sunset? Pretty magical! Some Disney looking shit right there.
(Quick reminder - this beautiful magic-land is Scotland. It rains a lot. This was a rare sunny day in summer!).

Bridge in Edinburgh city centre

It is such a beautifully unique city.
Unlike the typically flat cities you may be used to visiting, exploring Edinburgh can be quite the workout. Seriously. Everything is uphill. Everything. I spend the majority of our trips out of breath.

The city was built upon an old volcano, with the castle at the peak. This means you get to oggle at this sight from pretty much anywhere in the city. Don't get that down south, DO YA?

Edinburgh castle on the hill in summer

Monday 24 August 2015

The Struggles of a Wanderlust | Travel

All I want to do is travel. A lot. Everywhere.
I want to see everywhere and do everything and live a wonderfully nomadic life, drifting around forever. *sigh*.

However, for most functioning humans, that is a damn hard thing to do. Those pesky little "commitments" pop up around every dream filled corner. Psh. Who needs commitments anyways.
How do we balance our life verus our dreams? Welcome to the daily struggles of any wanderlust with a life. (Lol, look at me pretending I have a life).

struggles of a wanderlust

1. Planning to quit your job, sell your house and travel the world out of a backpack.
But tearing up at the thought of leaving your beloved dog/cat/fish (???) behind.

Sad cat meme

2. Making an exhaustive list of all the holidays you want to go on in the year before counting the pennies... and dust in your purse. And dying inside.

Bridemaids help me i'm poor meme

3. I only get how many days holiday a year??!!

Will ferrell bath ankle tag meme

4. Spending almost zero time doing anything productive because daydreaming about your future one-day-when-I'm-rich travels is far more fun.
Alice in wonderland day dreaming

5. Falling so deeply in love with foreign food that you having a constant craving that can never be filled when you are home (hello, trdelnik, I'm talking to you).

6. Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to find the food that you love so dearly you have to experience the bitter disappointment of it never being quite as good. At all. Ever.

Crying selena gomez

7. Sinking into deep despair whenever you catch a glimpse of a photo or keepsake from your last trip but refusing to keep them hidden so suffering permanent holiday blues. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.
cute crying sad meme 8. Realising there is literally no possible way in hell that you'll be able to go everywhere in the world that you want to go (like, everywhere) before you die. There is just not enough time, dammit!

crying kim kardashian

9. Wondering how it is even possible to feel so homesick about places far away from home, and the feeling that you may never be fully "at home" in one place.
interrail europe photo collage

Do you experience any of these? What other "wanderlust struggles" do you face?
Teri-May xx

(P.S. Welcome to my new blog and I hope you enjoyed my first post.
Please say hi if you did!)

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