Wednesday 26 August 2015

A Weekend in Edinburgh | Travel

Simply put, Edinburgh is the most wonderful place for a weekend away.
There is a never ending supply of things to do and see and everything is just picture perfect and beautiful and OMG. It's impossible to put my camera away!

I'm lucky enough to visit this incredible city fairly regularly as my boyfriend, Martin, is a native. My wee haggis. Lol no not really. 
It still never fails to wow me.

Just look at that city-scape in the sunset? Pretty magical! Some Disney looking shit right there.
(Quick reminder - this beautiful magic-land is Scotland. It rains a lot. This was a rare sunny day in summer!).

Bridge in Edinburgh city centre

It is such a beautifully unique city.
Unlike the typically flat cities you may be used to visiting, exploring Edinburgh can be quite the workout. Seriously. Everything is uphill. Everything. I spend the majority of our trips out of breath.

The city was built upon an old volcano, with the castle at the peak. This means you get to oggle at this sight from pretty much anywhere in the city. Don't get that down south, DO YA?

Edinburgh castle on the hill in summer

Edinburgh castle through trees

If these views alone haven't persuaded you to visit this Scottish city (are you mad?) the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are the old town and new town should definitely sway you.

I absolutely adore the way that the city is divided into the New Town and the Old Town by the beautiful Princes Street gardens. The gardens are so much more than just grass and trees; look at the adorable groundskeeper's cottage?! It looks like something a squirrel would live in in Sylvanian Families.

groundskeepers cottage with flowers in  summer

St Cuthbert's Church seen from Princes Street Gardens
 There is little more lovely than sitting in this goooorgeous garden in summer when all the flowers are in bloom, enjoying an ice cream while people watching nosing at everyone who passes. While you're there, definitely visit the REAL WORKING CLOCK MADE OF FLOWERS. WHAT IS THIS?!

Edinburgh flower clock in princes street gardens

So the New Town is pretty standard. Get your Topshop fix, have a nandos if you must (please don't), then make for the Old Town. The star of the show.

It's hard not to feel as though you've stepped back to the Medieval Ages as you wander through the cobbled alleyways and rustic streets of the Old Town. Not a chain store in sight, thank god, just hundreds of incredible independent cafes, restaurants and shops. Not to mention all the pubs! You really are completely spoilt for choice, I have a list as long as my body of all the places that have caught my eye while exploring.

cobbled streets in edinburgh old town
old bookshop in edinburgh old town
The General Assembly Halls
Make sure give the toe of David Hume, the philosopher, a good old rub: it's good luck, he may pass on some of his wisdom to you...

Word of warning. Watch out for the small patch of ground on the Royal Mile where it is apparently good luck to spit on the floor. This is called the "Heart of Midlothian" and was outside the Old Tollbooth prison. It marks where historically prisoners would be executed. And it makes me die inside. Seeing sweet old grannies hacking and spitting on the floor IS NOT OKAY.
Culture is cool, and stuff, like, but no. Not ever.

David Hume statue lucky toe in edinburgh

If possible, Edinburgh is even better during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival that takes place during the whole of the month of August. If you don't know about the Fringe, you are missing out! It is non-stop comedy, arts, theatre and performances in hundreds of venues over the whole of Edinburgh.

There is something for everyone. Big name acts, up-and-comers and complete newbies perform in the most unusual, awesome and sometimes random venues. So many are free just asking for a donation at the end but some require tickets to be booked in advance. We filled our days with loads of comedy shows (some considerably better than others - is there anything worse than awkward comedy???? ). breaking up the shows with visits to a few beer garderns and some of the gazillion "artisan" shops and cafes. Seriously, have a shot for every "artisan" shop... I dare you.

marketplace sign in edinburgh fringe

The highlight of my trip to Edinburgh was (wait for it... I am such a loser) all our visits to the tea rooms of the old town.

I am doing zero for Martin's street cred but he is more than a little partial to a fancy coffee.
I, of course, opt for a pot of tea for one. With a big old slice of something gooood.
This cake below was a lemon and lavender sponge cake *HEART EYES HEART EYES FORVER* from a cake shop I have wanted to visit since my first ever time in Edinburgh - Lovecrumbs.

cake and coffee in edinburgh coffee shop
Coffee and Lemon & Lavender Cake in Lovecrumbs
Our favourite cafe that Martin and I visited for regular hourly "tea and cake" break has to be without a doubt La Barantine . It felt more french than any of the cafes that we visited in Paris earlier this year, and the desserts we had were to die for.
fruit tart at french cafe in edinburgh old town
Fruit Tart with a Raspberry Macaron in La Barantine.
Don't forget to try the Scottish sweet delicacies! No haggis for this girl, I'll stick with tablet and shortbread. I had never experienced tablet before coming to Scotland and it is a strange thing indeed. It takes a sweet tooth to stomach but you definitely need to try it. Unless you value your teeth.
Make a point of heading to one of the sweet shops on the royal mile and try aaaaall of the samples.

sweet shop samples - tablet, shortbread, macaroon in edinburgh
(L-R: Tablet, Coconut Macaroons, Chocolate Macaroons, Scottish Shortbread)
Can you tell I love Edinburgh, though? I don't think I said it enough... Soz.
Have you been to Edinburgh before? What are your favourite things to do?
Gimme tips, guys!

Teri-May xxx


  1. Gorgeous photos, Teri :) I've been to Scotland but never Edinburgh, it looks so beautiful! I love the Scottish accent too so I'll have to make the time to give it a visit! :D really enjoyed this post!
    Annie xx

  2. Beautiful photos! I'm glad you liked the city, I start uni there soon so I am excited to spend some more time in the capital city as I am from nearer Glasgow!

    I'd like to try out that tearoom you mentioned. It looks amazing! You should definitely try out the castle the next time you can, the views over the city are second to none!

    Ashley |

    1. I think you'll love spending more time there, it's just so fun :-)
      I've never visited Glasgow properly so that's next on my list! I'll have to persuade Martin to take me in next time, he makes the decisions in Scotland. Haha!
      T. xxx

  3. I love Edinburgh and your pictures make me want to go back! First time I went, it was for the sites and shopping, but the second time was for the Fringe Festival. I so need to visit again!

    When I was there the second time, I booked a tour of Stirling. We stopped at a castle and got to explore some beautiful gardens AND stopped off at the Famous Grouse distillery! It's worth a look if you got back :)

    1. You should definitely go back around Christmas time, it's pretty amazing then :-)
      There are so many tours I've seen from Edinburgh to all over Scotland, it's just impossible to choose which one to take!! If you recommend Stirling though I will look into that one, so thank you!

  4. Oh iesu! I really really have to go now!

    Naomi xx


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