Monday 24 August 2015

The Struggles of a Wanderlust | Travel

All I want to do is travel. A lot. Everywhere.
I want to see everywhere and do everything and live a wonderfully nomadic life, drifting around forever. *sigh*.

However, for most functioning humans, that is a damn hard thing to do. Those pesky little "commitments" pop up around every dream filled corner. Psh. Who needs commitments anyways.
How do we balance our life verus our dreams? Welcome to the daily struggles of any wanderlust with a life. (Lol, look at me pretending I have a life).

struggles of a wanderlust

1. Planning to quit your job, sell your house and travel the world out of a backpack.
But tearing up at the thought of leaving your beloved dog/cat/fish (???) behind.

Sad cat meme

2. Making an exhaustive list of all the holidays you want to go on in the year before counting the pennies... and dust in your purse. And dying inside.

Bridemaids help me i'm poor meme

3. I only get how many days holiday a year??!!

Will ferrell bath ankle tag meme

4. Spending almost zero time doing anything productive because daydreaming about your future one-day-when-I'm-rich travels is far more fun.
Alice in wonderland day dreaming

5. Falling so deeply in love with foreign food that you having a constant craving that can never be filled when you are home (hello, trdelnik, I'm talking to you).

6. Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to find the food that you love so dearly you have to experience the bitter disappointment of it never being quite as good. At all. Ever.

Crying selena gomez

7. Sinking into deep despair whenever you catch a glimpse of a photo or keepsake from your last trip but refusing to keep them hidden so suffering permanent holiday blues. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.
cute crying sad meme 8. Realising there is literally no possible way in hell that you'll be able to go everywhere in the world that you want to go (like, everywhere) before you die. There is just not enough time, dammit!

crying kim kardashian

9. Wondering how it is even possible to feel so homesick about places far away from home, and the feeling that you may never be fully "at home" in one place.
interrail europe photo collage

Do you experience any of these? What other "wanderlust struggles" do you face?
Teri-May xx

(P.S. Welcome to my new blog and I hope you enjoyed my first post.
Please say hi if you did!)



  1. Haha! This is SO me! I just want to travel. All the time! Little money and four children bring me back to Earth with a bump!! Thanks for linking up to #myfavouritepost Kaz x

    1. There's always so much getting in the way! Although your commitments sound a lot more solid than mine haha.
      Thank you :)

  2. I would love to travel but haven't had the opportunity to do much here...someday :)
    Thanks for linking with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party and for the follows..I've followed back :)

    1. I hope you do get the opportunity to travel more in the future!
      Thank you very much :)

  3. This list calls out to me. I have no idea how I'm going to fit in everywhere I want to go, but I'll give it a good shot. Thanks for linking up :)

  4. This is so me! Except I javent been anywhere haha! But Love your use of pictures! I love doing that. Great post! x

  5. So, so me. Especially being a broke college student stands in the way of my dreams :P That, and the lack of people who'd want to travel with me. All of my friends are either broke or don't want to go to non-European countries...

    Lost in Translation

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