Wednesday 20 January 2016

The Taste of Europe

Macaron market stall

So last Spring Martin and I went interrailing and I have been thinking about it a lot (i.e non stop) recently, especially as I was going through our photos from the trip for this post. I MISS EUROPE. I MISS THE FOOD. I DON’T WANT TO EAT BEANS ON TOAST ANYMORE. Each city has a stand out food, the food that when I smell or taste takes me right back. These are my “tastes of Europe” from 2015.

Paris - Croissants
Oh, could I be more cliché? This seems like nothing exciting but it sticks out in my mind from our time in Paris. We had one (or two... or three) with fruit and tea for breakfast everyday whilst in Western Europe. They bloody love their croissants. But seriously, nothing beat the croissants we had from a Parisian Boulangerie. IT WAS SO DAMN BUTTERY AND FLAKEY AND OMG, and now Tesco croissants fill me with sadness.

French breakfast with croissant, fruit and tea

Amsterdam Stroop Waffles.
Oh mama. These guys. Every time I go into Tiger or IKEA I grab some stroop waffles and I am instantly transported back to the Albert Cuypmarkt. They guy was cooking them fresh on the griddle and we were fully hooked at first bite. (Apparently you're meant to put them on top of a cup of tea so the steam makes them soft and gooey but idk).

Brussels Speculoos
It quickly became my favourite thing in the world. It is literally what dreams are made of. We were exploring the chocolate shops, as you do, and I was given a taste of speculoos spread, from then on it was all about speculoos everything – waffles, ice cream, macarons, chocolate, AND when we got back Ben & Jerry's introduced a Speculoos flavour. Like it was made for me...

Belgian Biscuit Shop, Speculoos
Poland – 
Poland surprised me so much. I was told it was all salty and meaty but I loved it. Unlike the other places, there isn’t one flavour that stands out but a few FREAKIN' GOOD meals. £1 soup and bread is just everything. A Canadian burger joint (of all things) where I destroyed a huge camembert burger and the single best kebab I’ve ever eaten were some pretty magical moments.

Prague Trdelnik
This is probably the one thing I miss the most about our trip. Chimney cake AKA trdelnik. Basically a sweet dough cooked around a spit type thing, rolled in what can only be described as a shit-tonne of cinnamon sugar. Words can’t even describe my love for these. SO MUCH LOVE.
Trdelnik Chimney Cake Prague

Vienna Falafel.
The flavour of Viennese markets. *Swoon* When we were walking through Naschmarkt every bugger and his dad was giving us tasters of their falafel and, let’s be real, what’s better than hot, freshly cooked falafel? We bought a bag of 10 for next to nothing and it fed us for the entire afternoon! Markets really are the best places.

Budapest Bors' Sandwiches.
I talked about Bors in my “Three Top Threes" post, and here it comes again. A five cheese sandwich for the equivalent of £2 is worth talking about, my friend! Martin enjoyed his more carnivorous sandwich, and we are planning on going back to Budapest and making a bee-line straight to Bors!

Tastes and smells have such an amazing way of transporting you back to a time or a place.
Do you have any particular foods or drinks that remind you of a trip you took?
Have you tried any of these and can vouch for how amazing they are?!



  1. oooh this sounds so nice!! I am planning on going to Germany in May and then interallling in the future. Im going to make a list of these foods and make sure I try them. Katie x x

    1. Where in Germany are you going? :-) I also visited cologne and Berlin on this trip! Xx

  2. I just feel hungry now, haha! Nice post! xx

    1. I'm always hungry for trdelnik or stroop waffles haha! Thanks you :) xx

  3. Ive only been to Amsterdam on your list and absolutely agree about Stroop Waffles, they are amazing x

  4. Hmmm all this delicious looking food is making me hungry! Looks like a great trip <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. I hope you get to try some of it! It was a fantastic trip thank you :-) xx

  5. Ohh yes totally loved those pastry things in Prague too! They are so good. I always try and do a food tour whenever I travel, it's always awesome to see other cultures foods!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  6. These sound great :) I'd love to go traveling to try all these great foods :)


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