Tuesday 3 November 2015

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair, Cardiff

 A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Lou Lou’sVintage Fair in Cardiff, and what a lovely afternoon it was! I attended as press for Cardiff Uni’s Quench magazine but now that I’ve written that article, I’m excited to tell you gorgeous people all about it. *kissy face emoji*

Trying on jewellery at lou lou's vintage fair, Cardiff | ACupofTCostume jewellery at lou lou's vintage fair, Cardiff | ACupofT

The fair is so much more than teacups and trinkets (although there are plenty of those); there are clothes, accessories and memorabilia from pretty much every era you could imagine, a vintage tea room, music and a vintage hair and beauty salon. Whether you love the fifties pin-up look, are a seventies lovechild at heart or are all about the nineties grunge you are spoilt for choice. Honestly, pre-sixties fashion isn’t for me. It doesn’t suit me and generally it’s just not my taste so I won’t talk about that. (All I can say is that there is a lot of stuff and you won’t be disappointed!). You know when you go to a charity shop or a “vintage” shop and you have to sift through piles of utter shite to find an amazing piece that’s actually wearable for the average person? That is not the story of Lou Lou’s at all. Which is great for absolute lazy buggers like me! 

Pretty vintage teacups at  lou lou's vintage fair, Cardiff | ACupofT

vintage typewriter at lou lou's vintage fair, Cardiff | ACupofT

I was tasked with a “blogger challenge” of creating an outfit for £30 which was pretty exciting. I generally pride myself on being able to find little gems and dress myself well at a reasonable price, so this was right up my street. I went in with a completely open mind and wanted to base my outfits purely on what I came across rather than find stuff to fit an outfit I had in mind. I could have made a gazillion outfits on the day, (Seriously there is SO MUCH STUFF) but I settled on my two favourites.
I chose these absolutely adorable dungarees to wear with this tie-dye t-shirt for outfit one, coming to a grand total of £25. So obviously I selected a pair of incredibly cool sunglasses for a fiver to top of the look. Seriously though, I’ve never seen so many sunglasses and I would probably have worn every single pair. (Not at the same time obv. Lolz).

Table of vintage sunglasses at lou lou's vintage fair, Cardiff | ACupofT

cheap, vintage dungarees at lou lou's vintage fair, Cardiff | ACupofT

retro Tie Dye t shirt at lou lou's vintage fair, Cardiff | ACupofT

Any vintage fair worth it’s salt will have to to-die-for collection of Levi, whether it be jackets or shorts. Lou Lou’s certainly didn’t let me down in this respect. I was practically salivating over all the denim. I loves me some denim, and that’s where I started for my second outfit. Some damn cool legit Levi shorts for £15 and a plaid shirt, with some amazing costume-type jewellery to complete the look. Clearly £30 isn’t enough to get a complete outfit with shoes, but to get a top, bottom and accessories I’m not complaining!

Real, vintage levi shorts at lou lou's vintage fair, Cardiff | ACupofT

Real, vintage plaid shirts at lou lou's vintage fair, Cardiff | ACupofT

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy a piece of cake and a cup of tea. Which, if you’re anything like me is not going to happen – tea and cake are permanently at the forefront of my mind... There’s something just so lovely and quaint about drinking tea and nibbling cake from delicate china. I normally drink it out of a giant sports direct mug, so the fancy things in life clearly are a luxury to sad little me. Not to mention the retro tunes from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” as a more than fitting soundtrack to the morning.

gingerbread cake in vintage tea room at lou lou's vintage fair, Cardiff | ACupofTretro music act gentlemen prefer blondes at lou lou's vintage fair, Cardiff | ACupofT

I left the fair with my belly full, finger bearing a gorgeous ring, a wish list as long as my arm and looking forward to going back when it returns to Cardiff on the 29th November. I hope if you’re local I’ll see you there!



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  1. The fair looks great! Love going to them!
    Jabeen x


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