Friday 13 November 2015

Lush Blogger Event #LushWinter2015

All bloggers and girls alike love Lush, and I am no exception.
I am very partial to a bath bomb or bubble bar which they are obviously most well known for, but I am a big fan of their other bath and beauty products.

So, naturally, I was more than a little excited to be able to attend their blogger event this week where they gave us an after-hour tour of the shop with demonstrations and tasters of some of their gorgeous new Christmas goodies. (Which we all know are the best things about the Christmas period).

I made my way to the shop with the absolutely, fabulously lovely Charli who I was so pleased to meet, and was greeted on arrival with a selection of drinks and nibbles before being introduced to Eleri. Eleri showed us around the shop and talked us through some of the incredible products.

After sniffing bath bombs and making a pretty amazing snowman out of Christmas Fun (one of the coolest products that Lush has to offer, in my opinion!) we were given the opportunity to make our own Bar Humbug which is a really pretty purple bubble bar that smells like licquorice. I literally detest licquorice but the smell of this was really pleasant and anything purple and glittery is a winner in my eyes. I don't have a picture of my attempt at creating a bubble bar but you're not missing out. Because it was fully crap. Clearly any hopes and dreams I had working a creater of goodies for Lush need to be nipped in the bud right now...

 Some of my favouite products that I got to see downstairs in the bath selection was obviously Candy Mountain (which featured on my recent magical wishlist due to it's uncanny resemblance to a unicorn horn), the Peeping Santa bubble bar which I was absolutely over the moon to receive in my goodie bag and I adored the Snowman Shower Jelly. I've used the shower jellies before, and while admittedly they're not the easiest of products to use they are just so innovative and novel. This one is a cute snowman shape and has a citrus and carrot scents.

Once we were taken upstairs to the first floor of the shop was where we really started to be pampered. We were shown a whole array of scrubs, soaps, lotions and even massage bars and I can honestly say my arms were probably cleaner than they had ever been! One of the nicest things about the evening, and Lush in general, is that the staff are so lovely and always make you feel like a friend. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they are always keen to show you stuff and give you advice. Eleri showed us everything we wanted to see (which was obviously everything).

I don't even need to tell you that I left the shop with a wishlist as long as I am tall. HAVE YOU SEEN HOW CUTE PEEPING SANTA IS?? If you haven't had a chance to see their christmas releases head to your closest Lush store right now. Srsly. All the colours and smells are just perfect for making you feel festive - it's so impressive how they can manage to encompass everything about christmas in a few products. The fact that they are only available during this period is bloody dangerous - I hear "limited edition" and it's like alarm bells go off. I panic and buy everything. Please tell me I'm not the only one?

 So, thank you Lush Cardiff for inviting me and looking after me so well, I had an absolutely lovely time and can't wait to treat myself and a few others to some gorgeous christmas products!


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  1. Looks amazing! I live in Cardiff for uni and I think I walked by when the event was on - so jealous I didn't go! Looks like you had a great time and the snowman is adorable!


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