Friday 20 November 2015

The Art of Productive Procrastination

Productive Procrastination | AcupofT

~ setting the scene ~
Okay. So, you're sitting at your desk. Piles of books and paper strewn around the room. Words don't look like words anymore.
You've pretty much lost the will to live. (And no, I'm not being dramatic).
So you check your phone... Have a little browse on twitter. Maybe even Facebook, even though you don't even like Facebook.  Next thing you know an hour has passed and you've done sweet F all. 

Sound familiar? That is pretty much my daily routine, so I speak with authority on this matter. 
If you're going to procrastinate (which you are, don't even lie to yourself) at least do it right. If you procrastinate productively you don't even have to feel bad! 
Try these suggestions to get a little bit more out of your time.


Some of you may groan at this but having a little tidy up, putting your floor-drobe away (I know I'm not the only one) or cleaning your make up brushes is a great break. These are all things that need to be done at some point, so as long as you don't decide to go on a giant cleaning mission, spending twenty minutes having a little tidy-up is very productive!  A clean workspace should get you more motivated, too.

Switch it up

You're bound to have a to-do list of other MUST DO SUPER IMPORTANT LIFE CHANGING work to do. Pick something else to do for a while! Instead of that horrendously boring reading, why not write a plan for that essay coming up? It'll either be even more boring and make you appreciate how wonderful that other work was, or it'll be fantastically exciting and you'll manage to be productive for a while. Win, win!


Honestly, all the cool kids are doing it. Including me, obvs. Colouring has actually been suggested to de-stress and relax you so it's an ideal way to take a little break from work. You can buy adult colouring books (not, like *naughty* ones) or you can even download an app. I've got Colourfy and I looove it. There's just something so therapeutic about it, not to mention creative!


Give yourself half an hour and brainstorm some new post ideas, write or edit a blog post, take some photos, or schedule tweets (you KNOW you're bored when you'd rather schedule tweets). These are all really important things for an important part of your life so it's okay to give it a bit of love while you procrastinate. Just make sure it doesn't turn into a blog reading/tweeting marathon. You should come back to your work energised, inspired and a little bit happier.

Basically, just do anything other than aimless social media browsing, I beg you! (If all else fails, watch an episode of Friends or Bob's Burgers. JUST ONE) then back to work you go!

Do any of you struggle to stay focused? 
Are you as guilty of endless procrastination as I am?


  1. This is totally me right now! I don't always struggle to stay focused, but there are certain days that seems never to end! This was really helpful! Thanks for this advice! Xx

    Federica |

  2. scheduling tweets is the worst for any blogger! Worst part of the job for sure, great list! x

  3. I'm literally the queen of procrastination - I can be five seconds from completing a task and end up on Netflix for two hours. These tips are so helpful though - it really does help to have a 'minor' jobs list! x

    Viva Epernay | Penhaligon's Giveaway

  4. Cleaning is my go to! If I have no motivation to carry on a quick sweep around definitely puts me back into the working mood - especially if I have some good sing a long songs in the background!
    Shona x

  5. I am such a procrastinator. My house could use some cleaning, will try this. Love the idea of therapeutic coloring as well. Thanks for sharing dear. :)

  6. I'm the BIGGEST procrastinator! I find the website mytomatoes really helpful because you work for 25 minutes then you're allowed a five minute break for whatever you want!
    But tidying is definitely one of my fave ways to procrastinate!

    Sarah | Sarah's Chapter

  7. This has been me seriously all afternoon 😂 Scheduling tweets is all I haven't done!

    Vickie |

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  9. I find myself getting distracted all the time. Youtube and Pinterest. I guess it's still somewhat related to blogging. I find personally blogging marathons are the best. I usually am more creative one day over another.


  10. This is the list for me! All I ever seem to do is procrastinate. Heck, I found this post procrastinating from something else! Going to keep this list close and (hopefully) be a little more productive.

  11. I am such a procrastinator. I mean I just sit in a place for hours, like time just passes by and I don’t even realize it. Last year, in the final year of my MBA I had to go through so much bec of this habit hahaha. It was the deadline to submit my dissertation proposal and I legit didn’t write a word. Luckily I had an online MBA dissertation proposal writing service at my back, they saved me!!

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