Wednesday 28 October 2015

European Castles Bucketlist

I love old, ornate, wonderful looking buildings: cathedrals, parliament buildings, old theatres, you name it. But I have a real soft spot for castles. If there is a castle around, you can bet your ass I'm going to be exploring it with my camera.

Perhaps that love stems from living in Britain, specifically Wales, which you may not know has been dubbed the castle capital of the world. Cute. We had over 400 castles, and over 100 are still standing today!

As if Britain wasn't amazing and jammed with enough castles, if we venture slightly further afield we come to the magical land of Europe (Yay!). All I can say is oh my god. The collection of castles across Europe is absolutely mindblowing, with so many different types of architecture, history and surroundings.

I thought I'd share a few of my favourites for you to drool over and get that wanderlust feeling that we know so well!

Beautiful Swallow's Nest, Crimea, Russia at Sunset | A Cup of T
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Swallow's Nest Castle, Crimea
This is a pretty young castle, only about 100 years old and is fundamentally decorative. Compared to other castles on the list it is pretty tiny but I think that's part of the charm! Although, unfortunately, located in a place that youshould be wary about travelling at the moment, it is definitely a bucket list place to visit. I think it's really something special.

Castle Coch, the pink castle, Cardiff, Wales, UK | A Cup of T
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Castell Coch, Cardiff
This is a castle that I'm lucky enough to be able to visit whenever I want (don't be jealous!), and I can vouch that it is absolutely as gorgeous as the picture. Coch is Welsh for red as the castle is known for it's unique pink bricks. It is nestled amongst the forest up a steep hill. Admittedly, it is far less pink close up but it is still a sight to behold with it's gothic architecture and woody surroundings.

St Mawes Castle by the sea, Cornwall, England | A Cup of T
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St. Mawes Castle, Cornwall
Another British wonder in the South West. This will interest history buffs as well as explorers due to it's involvement in several wars in British history. It's pretty old! Sitting right on the water's edge is such an idyllic location to relax, take in the view and enjoy a picnic in the sunshine. Or the rain. This is Britain after all!

Castle Duurstede and Moat, Urecht, Netherlands | A Cup of T
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Castle Duurstede, Utrecht
I always think this castle is incredible to look at, especially when you consider that is is 700 years old! I love Medieval architecture and this is just it. The castle is stunning from all angles (this just happens to be my favourite), and how many castles have a real moat these days? Not enough, I say! You can actually have dinner or events in the castle which is definiely something to add to another bucketlist!

Fairy Tale Lichetenstein Castle in Germany | A Cup of T
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Lichtenstein Castle, Baden-Wurttemburg
Germany is the king of castles in my eyes. Nearly every single one looks like it's been taken straight from a page of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, and this one fits the theme beautifully! Its' gothic architecture, romantic design and picturesque location atop a cliff means it really is the prototype, stereotypical "fairy tale castle"and I absolutely love it.

Eltz Castle in Germany | A Cup of T
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Eltz Castle, Münstermaifeld
This is another German beauty that I am eager to see up close. As with many of my favourite castles, this is nestled high up in the hills with a river surrounding most sides. I like the fact that the same family (the Eltz family) have lived there for over 30 generations, but it is still open for public viewings to see all the lovely treasures burried inside.

Fisherman's Bastion at night in snow, Budapest, Hungary | A Cup of T
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Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest
Ok, slight cheat. Fisherman's Bastion isn't technically a castle but it is absolutely breathtaking terrace around Matthias Church and on castle hill where Buda Castle is situated. I was fortunute enough to visit Budapest this spring and this was one of my favourite things to see. If you climb the steps and look out over the terrace you get a panoramic view of the "Pest" side of city, but I personally think the view of the bastion itself is better than the view from the top!

Vlad the Impaler Corvin Castle, Romania | A Cup of T
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Corvin Castle, Hunedoara
Romania as a country is right at the top of my travel list since falling in love with Eastern Europe during my interrail trip early this year, and this castle will be one of the first things I see. It's actually one of the biggest castles in Europe which is quite an achievement considering how gigantic some are. Legend has it that it was here that Vlad the Impaler was held prisoner by Hungary's military so aside from it's astounding exterior, it has a fascinating history!

What beautiful castles have you visited? 
Has this list inspired you to go castle exploring?



  1. Okay, I need to add them all to my list & now i need to visit the 400 castles of Wales too. Ima be a busy castle meandering bee!!!

    Bonnie x

    1. I need to see more of them, especially the ones in Wales!! Xx

  2. All of these places look amazing! Being British too, I also love looking around old buildings and taking pictures, and I especially love Welsh castles! Have you ever been to Conwy castle? That's one of my faves:)x
    Our Blog//FloralsAndCorals

    1. We're quite lucky in Britain in that way! I've actually never been to Conwy, I don't go up North Wales but I definitely want to venture up :-) xx

  3. I love castles and so glad there are soooo many in Europe. A friend of mine from the States always says the country is missing castles big time. Like, proper old ones :)
    I've been to the Swallow's Nest a number of times since it's in Ukraine :) It is so beautiful there + the view is unreal. This is such a lovely post, Terri! Hope you have a great Halloween weekend!!
    xox Nadia

    1. America is just too young to have special, old castles like us :) so jealous you've been to the swallows nest, it's my favourite looking one! Thank you, nadia! Xx

  4. I have always wanted to visit the castles in Europe! I've never been to Europe except for Prague and Berlin. Amazing post, amazing bucket list!

    Emily // Lynde Avenue

  5. So many beautiful castles, we've been to a few castles in France - they were gorgeous! x

  6. I've been to Fisherman's Bastion but never at night which is on my bucket list as it looks so damn beautiful! I've not been to a castle for so long, schloss neuschwanstein is my all time favourite so far, I've yet to visit anything more magical!

  7. I need to visit every single one of these!


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