Sunday 25 October 2015

Sunday Smiles #3

I am officially half way through my lectures for first semester. OH MY GOD. That means exams are a-coming. Nope. No thank you. But this point in time also means that I am only two weeks away from my first trampolining competition which is so exciting!! As long as I don't injure myself anymore... which is probably unlikely. Shit happens to me.

Clearly I am a bundle of mixed emotions! On to the happy things -

Make Up Revolution Delivery. Ooooohhh yeah. Getting back from lectures to a wondrous package of glory waiting to be ripped open is a feeling that cannot be beat. I ordered a new eyeshadow brush, lipstick, highlighter and eyeshadow for only £9. What is this trickery? The lipstick especially, is probably my new favourite thing on earth, it's so lovely! Check it out on my instagram.

Suffragette is the absolute business. If you're a regular reader of ACupofT you may have read my thoughts/rant on this film after the girls and I went for a cinema trip on Monday. (Complete with ALL the popcorn and tango ice blasts). Not only was it nice to get out of the house with the girls but it was a damn good film that moved and inspired me. Go see it ASAP!

Don't judge me for this but UNICORN EMOJI OMG. I feel like my life has changed for the better now that I have a unicorn emoji. Every tweet or message is vastly improved by the presence of a beautiful magical unicorn. (I also very much like the middle finger, js).
More Middle Earth Friday fun with Martin, tea and chocolate buttons. After watching Lord of the Rings last weekend I had been buzzing for this weekend so we could watch the second film. I no longer have an enduring fear of gollum (I actually quite like him now) and I am seriously in love with Aragorn. And I wish I had ents in my garden. Pls? 

Castle Coch. Martin and I are spending this morning at one of the most beautiful spots in Wales - Castle Coch (pictures to follow!). We are braving the trek up the hill to the fairy tale castle nestled in the woods. Google it. It's out of this world. We used to walk and adventure loads together, especially during our interrail holiday, so I've been excited for this all week. :)

What has made you lovely people smile this week? 

Teri-May xx



  1. Nice! The walk to Castell Coch is a nice one!

  2. I can't wait to see suffragette! All in all you've had a pretty good week! Don't worry about exams yet lovely!

    1. Everyone NEEDS to see it, it's brilliant :-) Hard not to worry when my housemate is revising for christmas exams already haha!

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