Friday 16 October 2015

My Cruelty Free Journey Update

I have FINALLY used up nearly all of my non-CF products and replaced them with cruelty free alternatives. I’m still very much experimenting with products and trying to find my new favourites. I’ve had some real successes and some disappointments but everything I’m learning I want to share with you! 

Aside from make-up, I’m currently working on replacing hair and skincare products. I’ve always been a big Soap & Glory fan so luckily I didn’t need to swap any of my favourite shower goodies! I was also super pleasantly surprised to find that Alberto Balsam (a brand that I often use) is cruelty free. 

I’ve switched from Batiste to Superdrug dry shampoo which I love. The volumising one especially is excellent, easily as good as the branded stuff. I’ve also switched my toothpaste and soap and stuff to co-op own brand. That was a switch that I was really worried about, as I didn’t know how accessible or expensive CF alternatives would be but I really didn’t need to worry! 

Household cleaning products are my current project. I was a bit worried about these to, but a quick bit of research showed me that Co-op and Sainsbury’s own brand products are all certified as cruelty free which is fab news. I’ve used Sainsbury’s bleach and spray loads of times in the past, unknowingly so feel really good about this.

In terms of deciding how far you want to take your CF commitments, I’m still uncertain myself. I haven’t quite made up my mind about whether I want to buy from brands owned by a parent company that tests. I haven’t purchased any products from such brands as of yet, but I can’t say that this has been a conscious decision. I thought I was going to boycott all these companies but the more I’ve thought about it, the more stressed I’ve become. L’Oreal is obviously one to avoid, and if you choose to avoid associated companies where does it stop? Did you know Nestle is a huge shareholder in L’Oreal, so does that mean you stop eating smarties and milky bars? Did you know Mars has carried out experiments on animals? They own a humongous number of companies. 

I became completely overwhelmed by the whole thought of it and was so close to giving up altogether because I was so worried about being a hypocrite; boycotting MAC and Rimmel while eating a Snickers. However, I decided that everything makes a difference and I will continue to avoid cosmetics companies that unnecessarily test on animals and their parent companies. But right now I am going to limit this boycott to toiletries, cosmetics, and cleaning products, not affiliated food companies. I may change my mind down the line but I think, for me, this is enough for now.
Being cruelty free is a very personal choice and it’s your own prerogative how far you want to take it. Maybe you think I’m a bit pathetic for stopping at makeup or perhaps you feel bad about your own efforts because you choose to buy products from Urban Decay who are owned by a testing company. Either way, be confident about your decision; do not let anyone belittle the efforts you are making. I appreciate you. :-)


  1. I'm so proud of you for planning to use only CF make up! Like Charlotte, I also had no idea about toothpaste being tested on animals, I'm actually shocked. x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  2. Hi there, you have been nominated by me to join in the Liebster award :) Please
    check the link below to find out the rules, questions you have and other
    blogs nominated. Don't forget to link me back to your post so I can see
    your answers :)

    Happy Blogging, Georgee x

  3. That is a huge step, and well done for making such a big decision, I have recently started turning to cruelty free products and I do ask some of the same questions as you have, it can be difficult but i am sure it will feel natural in no time :)
    Renee xx

  4. Nice to see so many more people joining the CF world recently! Sounds like you're doing fab. A household brand you should look into is Astonish! They do everything and their products are amazing quality but very affordable - I don't think they have anything really thats more than £2...maybe minus the Dishwasher tabs, but they are more than worth it.
    L'Oreal are the worst. I hate them so much haha

    Good luck with the rest of your journey!
    Danielle xo


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