Sunday 18 October 2015

Sunday Smiles #2

Is it just me or is time just flying by? I don't think I have the mental strength to deal with how quickly this year is getting on. Another week has passed and with that a whole bunch of things to smile about. (Even though I've done more than my fair share of frowning this week like the miserable old goat that I am).

The Apprentice Drama. IT'S BACK! And I could not be more giddy with excitement. Another big bunch of dickheads for us to enjoy for the next couple of weeks. Especially with a double whammy of fish and shampoo to whet my appetite!

Hobbit Envy and Aragorn Love. I watched Lord of the Rings for the first time since developing an intense phobia of gollum when I was 7. Safe to say I am now a convert and wish I lived in Middle Earth. Sigh.

"Date Night". (I thoroughly hate that phrase, btw). Despite us living together, Martin and I haven't spent any real "quality time" together since I've gone back to uni, after spending every waking moment together all summer! He took me for dinner in a local Caribbean restaurant and then we went bowling and played in the arcade and it was just what we needed :-)

My trampolining social. I started trampolining in uni this year (the first society/team I've ever joined!) and we went on our first social. I got to know my fellow trampoliners better and had a great night!

University isnt't making me want to jump into a pool of sharks. Yawn yawn yawn but my proposal for my dissertation has been submitted. I now know what I will be doing this year and I feel so positive about it!

Hometown glory. I've ventured back home to Bridgend and had some lovely cuddles with my best friend and her gorgeous little girl, a catch up with my mam and dad, and some puppy kisses from my dog, Rosie.

What has made you smile this week? :-)




  1. Great post! I'm a member of trampolining society at my uni too!

  2. Date night is so important! It's easy to neglect each other once you live together.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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