Thursday 1 October 2015

Drugstore Haul | Beauty

I am a firmly "drugstore" kind of girl. Nearly all of the high end make up I own I have had bought as a gift. As much as I enjoy using it, I think I would rather be able to buy more for cheaper than one fancy, sparkly expensive piece. Generally. (That's not to say I don't lust afterthe NAKED palattes every day of my life). This is mostly because I'm a student with no steady income, when I have a job or become princess of some small, random European country (still waiting...) I don't doubt I will indulge in some higher end pieces.

But for now, here is my most recent haul for going back to Uni!


Simple Cleanser (£1.99)

I have always loved this cleanser and have used it for years. It removed make up well and leaves my skin feeling really soft and clean but I have found out since purchasing that Simple are not CF so I will unfortunately not be repurchasing which is such a huge shame for me.

Garnier Micellar Water (£2.99)

Everyone's new favourite drugstore skin product has not disappointed me whatsoever. It's such a good price and removes make up so much better than make up wipes so if you're trying to improve your skincare routine and ditch the wipes this would be a good place to start! (I have recently heard conflicting information about Garnier's animal testing policies and am currently investigating this).


GOSH X-Ceptional Wear Foundation (£4.99 offer)

This was the first CF foundation I bought after having to ditch my beloved Rimmel Wake Me Up. This foundation claims to give a medium coverage but I would say it's probably more light-medium but is very buildable and gives a nice natural finish which I love, however I would say it needs to be set with powder. I will definitely repurchase this, and it's CF!

GOSH Primer Plus + (£8.99)

Having slightly mixed feelings about this at the moment, I definitely don't dislike it but I can't quite say I love it quite yet. I'm going to hold off on commenting too much until I fully make up my mind, but again it's CF which is always a bonus.

Make Up Revolution Focus & Fix Concealer (£2)

Again, I bought this concealer after running out of my non CF product and to be honest, I was skint and just looking for something super cheap. This is okay for the price but needs to be blended with fingers rather than a brush as it can sometimes look a bit weird on skin. It does cover blemishes well and once it's set with powder it does a pretty good job.

Make Up Revolution Pressed Powder (£2)

I think I like this product. It was another one that I bought in a panic after running out of powder and looking a bit shiny when I was in town but for £2 I really can't complain. It's never going to be my Holy Grail powder but it actually brightens up my under eyes when used on top of the Revolution concealer.

Eyes & Lips

GOSH 161 Velvet Touch Lipstick (£6.99)

I adore this lipstick. Plain and simple. I love the 90's look it gives when paired with toned down make up on the rest of your face. It's a mauve toned nude and darker than other nudes I've been wearing recently which I like. It is very creamy and hydrating, and is very pigmented - it's a lovely formula! They're not the most long-lasting but they wear off evenly. I can't wait to buy more of these!

Models Own Volumizing Mascara (Free)

I actually was given this mascara and an eyelash curler for free just for entering the kiosk in my local shopping centre which is pretty cool! As it was free, I wasn't expecting much and to be honest I haven't been blown away. I like long, thick and separated lashes and while this doesn't clump and I suppose it does volumize, it doesn't do much else. That said, for popping to the shops or for a real natural look this is great. I do find it quite wet and I have yet to apply it without getting it all over my eye lid which puts me off using it sometimes.


Real Techniques Stippling Brush (£9.99)

I had a bit of a make up tutorial vlog binge the other day and so many of them used a stippling brush and I wanted to give it a go for myself. I actually really like using it, I can't decide if i prefer picking up the product from my hand and stippling it straight onto my face or applying the product to my face with my fingers and blending it with the brush. Either way, it gives a lovely flawless finish, doesn't shed and doesn't retain too much of the product. 

Models Own Academy Brush Set (£9.99)

I wanted a little fluffy brush to apply powder under my eyes and I was fancying a new lip brush so when I saw Models Own had a set of 5 brushes including those two for only £9.99 it seemed silly not to. They are very, very soft brushes which I like, and they are pink! I love the powder brush, it picks up a perfect amount of product and I like to use it for highlighting my cheek bone too as it dispenses the products nicely. The 2 eye brushes (blending and shading) are great for the price and I'm getting a lot of use out of them, the lip brush does what it says on the tin and the eyebrow brush is a bit hit and miss. It sheds when used with any type of gel brow product but does a nice enough job with powders.

I love most of these products, and this whole bunch of products cost under £50 so I'm not complaining at all. Money well spent, I'd say!

T. xxx



  1. Amazing haul, hon!!! I did a bit of damage at Boots today *insert a monkey covering its eyes emoji* :)
    Loving all your picks and looking forward to reviews :)
    I also ordered some goodies from Makeup Revolution <3
    xox Nadia

    1. It's just too hard not to spend money on everything! I already have enough products for another haul post. ALREADY. Make sure you write about your Revolution goodies :-) xxx

  2. Your photos are absolutely BREATHTAKING! I have a strange little question to ask, but is that natural lighting, did you take those photos outside? And what editing program did you use? Wow! <3

    xo, Em

    1. Thank you so much!! :) that is natural lighting, I take them on my roof. I think I edited these with picmonkey just to up the sharpness and highlights! xx


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