Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Staying Sane While Being Unemployed

stay sane tips unemployed

I've been unemployed pretty much since July, when I quit my job in a makeup shop because I graduated from Uni and was going on to bigger and better things. Lol I'm dull.

I've had a few "self employed"/freelance jobs in the mean time that have tided me over for a few weeks. So I've managed to support myself for a little while but I've had no long term, steady and stable employment. I'm skint and bored and feeling pretty shite about myself.

In the TEN MONTHS (omgod my life sucks) I've been on-and-off out of work, there's been a few little things that have kept me sane. Ish, but not really... If they can help anyone not feel as depressed and dejected as I have these last few months then they are worth sharing.

1. Don't search for jobs every day.

Or not all day every day, anyway. I know that sounds counter productive but trust me. My lowest point was when I was trawling the job sites from first thing in the morning until tea time. I was applying for maybe 10 jobs a day and either not hearing back or getting rejection emails for almost EVERY SINGLE ONE. I just couldn't take it anymore. I was also applying for jobs I really didn't want which made the rejections kind of worse. Set aside an hour or two every other day and apply for jobs, and keep your weekends free of job talk.

2. Start a project

I'm lucky because a) I fucking love projects even if they go nowhere and are pretty fruitless, and b) Martin and I are buying a house (lol in case I hadn't mentioned it before). So I've been more than a little preoccupied with making 23402 phone calls a day and making mood boards from a Next catalogue. Not saying you should go buy a house, but maybe try writing a novel or starting a photography series and practice your skills at the same time?

3. Find some freelance work

This has been my literal lifesaver. I worked as a freelance finance agent (AKA debt collector) for 2 months before Christmas, and a freelance editor and writer for 2 months after christmas. That allowed me to keep my head above water and pay some bills and put some in savings. I've had some jobs from PeoplePerHour too, which I highly recommend for a bit of extra pocket money.

4. Work in a coffee shop once or twice a week

I know it seems like an uncessary expenditure, but getting dressed and out of the house to do some blogging or writing or job hunting makes you feel a million times more human. You can usually get away with buying one cup of tea or coffee and sitting there all afternoon, so £2 or so to interact with people and get a change of scenery is a much better way to spend your money than a big bag of maltesers on a Saturday night.

5. Get organised

To be honest, when you're unemployed there's no excuse for having a messy house or not being on top of your bills. I spend an hour or so every day cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen, I also make sure I do a spreadsheet of all our bills or a food plan and work out how much money we have left for the month. A more fun way to get organised is to reorganise your bookshelves or sideboard to look prettier.

6. Don't compare yourself to other people

This is a sure fire way to make you feel as shit as finding a big ass whitehead on the tip of your nose on your wedding day. Looking at the girl from school with her own house and two gorgeous little kids, or the boy in your uni tutor group who has an amazing job doing exactly what you want to do, or the girl who packed it in to travel the world, isn't going to help anyone. They're just at a different strange of their story to you - you'll get there!

7. Get a cat

I'm (mostly) joking... But having Mr Puddles to look after and keep me company every day has done great things for my mental wellebing. I feel a bit more of a sense of purpose and it makes me feel a bit less lonely while  I'm sitting home waiting for Martin all day and i super love him a lot....



  1. I wish I had this advice when I was un-employed. The lack of work and motivation drove me round the bend, but I did end up starting my blog and after about 2 months I finally got a part time job so I did okay, this is wonderful advice!


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  2. Oooooh I needed to read this! I graduated from university last December and have been looking for a job ever since! I don't currently have the money to up and move state to get a job in a firm as a designers so I've been trying to get a job inn town... Hasn't worked out yet which sucks but I'm sure something will come up soon hopefully! I like to keep myself busy, I've worked a lot on my blog so that's been a nice distraction :) Em xx


  3. I know how you feel! When I was made redundant, I was out of work for almost two years. It got to the point where I began to feel depressed from being in the house too much, not interacting enough. I could so have done with these pointers then! Cats definitely help too. I couldn't have got through it without my cat, Harley! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

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