Thursday 20 April 2017

This Time Last Year...

It's absolutely RIDICULOUS how much my life has changed in the last 12 months. Like a scary stupid amount. I dunno, maybe on paper when I write this down it will just look stupid and a normal amount of change for most of you but there are 2 important points to note:

1) I hate change of any kind. I use the same bowls and spoons etc for my breakfast and would rather not eat than use anything different. OKOK?
2) When you're in Uni, after the initial move obviously, things don't really change that much. You're doing the same course with the same people in the same city (generally).

So yeah. I was wondering what I would have been up to this time last year and it was just the most bizarre feeling. I feel like I'm a character in a book but I've just hopped out of one story and into another completely different only semi-related, more boring book. Like the dictionary but with all the cool letters missing. (I'm obviously talking about Q, X and J, duh).

This time last year....

I would have been just finishing up my dissertation and was revising for my final ever exams. Whereas now I have zero going on and next to nothing to fill my day with, which equals lie ins every day and lots of blogging time.

I didn't have Mr Puddles. 100% the best thing to change. How did I even exist without my lil' buddy? *If anyone is interested he just plunged his face and paws into my drink on the floor*

I had not long got back from a birthday trip to Paris and Disneyland (which I actually blogged about if you are at all interested). To be fair, I have just got back from a trip to Gibraltar so no complaints there.

I was working in a make up shop, simultaneously loathing and loving my job. Free stuff and playing with make up all day? Yes please. Currently EXTREMELY UNEMPLOYED AS FUCK. (I'm on a mission though, watch this space).

***Since writing this post I'm actually back working at that very same job. Make of that what you will...

I lived with my best friend in the world. And Martin of course. Some people I think would find it weird to live with their best friend and boyfriend but I thought it was literally perfect. Still live with Martin, Aisha lives in London. Which sucks so bad. That is the #1 worst change. It will always suck.

I wasn't preparing to start a PhD. This is awesome and almost definitely the best part of my life now. This time last year I didn't know where my career/life would go when I was graduated, like, I kind of hoped this way, but now it's happening that is the best. *a thousand dancing lady emojis* Oh yeah.

We weren't in the process of buying a house. It was a dream for me and I bet it wouldn't have even crossed Martin's mind that in a years time he'd be almost ready to sign the papers and hand over an eye watering sum of money but it is so so so so exciting. Omg. Gah.

I had super long hair. Okay this isn't life changing BUT STILL it was a huge change for me!! I had hair almost to my bum for years and years before chopping it off to above my shoulders and I'm pretty much a new fucking woman now.

I was writing Sunday Smiles and more "diary like" posts on my blog. At the time they had mega low engagement and views and whatnot, I wrote them more for me but then stopped for literally no reason at all. (Obvious reason is that I'm lazy AF). Reading back through them was such a lush little recap on my life so I'm starting a resolution from now to take more notice of the happy things that happen and record them. 

All this change and I still have the same shitey phone with the camera that doesn't work. What even is my life???? #prrequestanewiphone8?

>This was WAY more negative than positive because I'm a moaning myrtle forever and always. Life in general isn't as good as this time last year but it's only because this is just the waiting room (weird analogy soz) for the next, exciting and positive stage of my life. 



  1. I love this concept, it's okay to feel like you've taken a step back it happens to all of us at some point. I too hate change, but when you're forced to face it, it can actually be a good thing and a very freeing experience. Good luck with your PHD that's so exciting!


    1. I definitely agree - change can be a good thing! Thank you so much :-)

  2. What a great idea - to recap on all the changes in your life. There seem to have been a few! I don't cope well with change at all - but this year I'm moving offices, and getting married! x x

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  4. I had super long hair. Okay this isn't life changing BUT STILL it was a huge change for me!! I had hair almost to my bum for years and years before chopping it off to above my shoulders and I'm pretty much a new fucking woman now.

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