Monday 10 April 2017

Cruelty Free Brand Focus & Favourites: GOSH Copenhagen

GOSH Copenhagen, I think is such an underrated brand at the "drugstore". When I first decided to go cruelty free and researched which brands were cruelty free that I could afford, GOSH popped up on my radar. They pride themselves on being very trend focused and creative at affordable prices. What more could you want?! I also love the fact that they are a family-run brand founded in Denmark and still produce their products in Denmark 50 odd years later. Us bloggers love anything scandi, amright?

They are probably at the mid-higher end of brands at Boots and Superdrug - more expensive than your Rimmel or Make Up Revolution. Their products are real quality though, in my opinion and I have encountered very few "misses" in their range. The packaging is sleek and mostly monochrome which is very welcome amongst the often gaudy or tacky-trying-to-be-current packaging you often see in Boots.

GOSH cruelty free makeup foundation highlighter eyeshadow brow gel


Some of my ride or die favourite products that I couldn't live without are from GOSH; the X-Ceptional Wear Foundation (£7.99) being one of them. It is the best colour match for my pale skin I've come across in an affordable cruelty free brand, perhaps running a little on the pink side but a great match nonetheless. It wears sooooo well and has such a gorgeous natural finish with medium coverage. This isn't their best selling foundation or the one people talk about, but it is so good!!

Another product I use most days is their BB Powder (£9.99). I loved it when I first purchased it - it mattified and made the large pores around my nose/cheeks look a lot smaller which is great! I don't find it to be particularly long wearing though. Not these days at least. It is nice to give a bit of coverage to a foundation for a night out, but I'm finding myself reaching for it less and less. It definitely works best with a puff rather than a brush, to really pack the product on.

I wrote a whole post on their Lumi Drops (£7.99) liquid highlighters. My opinions have changed slightly since then and there are other liquid/cream highlighters I reach for a bit more to use under or on top of foundation, but they are definitely pretty versatile. I still like to mix them into foundation and I'll definitely be doing that more in the warmer months to come!

I used their Primer + (£14.49) hydrating primer and it was a no for me. It just did nothing and is a relatively expensive primer from the highstreet! BUT I generally neither like nor use primers. I have a pore filling one from Nyx that is okay but I can just really take it or a leave it.

GOSH review x-ceptional wear foundation lumi drops brow gel


One of my daily products again is their Defining Eyebrow Gel (£4.99). My brows don't feel complete without it! On a day-to-day basis, when I'm not making a fuss I just comb this through and my brows look full and fluffy and lovely and is just great quality for the price. They don't hold my brow hairs up all day (but NOTHING does - they are very long and unruly) but they make them look very naturally filled in. My only real criticism is that the brush is maybe a little bit too big and I often get the gel on my forehead etc.

Okay so this is a weird one: eyeshadow palettes. I have the New York 9 Shades palette (£9.99). The colours are all mauvey/purpley shades and really quite pretty. The palette is compact with a really nice big mirror and no wasted space on a crappy brush you will inevitably bin. I just NEVER ever reach for it. I've used it maybe twice, and only one or two shades at a time. For the sake of this post I did an eye look using most of the shades and they are actually fantastic quality, especially for the price. The mattes are very pigmented and blend beautifully, but the shimmers are kinda rubbish... Luckily there are only 2 or 3 in the palette so you get mostly lovely matte shades. They aren't the longest wearing but for a beginner palette I think it's probably a good little purchase!


There's not much to say about GOSH lipsticks except they are bloody lovely. Someone at work clearly agreed as they stole my favourite shade out of the staff drawer... (Which I need to repurchase). I also think their matte formula is one of the best at the drugstore (I love this shade). I'm not going to waffle on as I have a whole post on my favourite lipsticks coming soon, but yeah, buy some. Basically.

 GOSH cruelty free review lipstick brow gel

GOSH are a brand I am so happy to support. I like their ethos and their background, their affordability and accessibility and I think they are just great. If you haven't tried anything from them before, definitely pick up a lipstick and a foundation. I promise you will not be disappointed!




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