Wednesday 6 April 2016

A Weekend In Paris ft. Disneyland | Photo Diary

eiffel tower carousel

It feels faaabulous to write again, like, words that aren't even remotely related to any form of psychology. Revision is a bitch.
Posts are going to continue to be few and far between for the next 6 weeks while I'm finishing my exams but I'm still super active on twitter and instagram (the amount of tweets I send are directly proportional to how little I care about the module I'm revising...).

ANYWAY. So, it was my birthday at the end of last month and I was the luckiest girl alive... Martin took me to Disneyland Paris to celebrate! Yeah, I know. He's a keeper. I did promise on twitter that I would vlog and I had every intention to, but to be honest, we just had so little time and were so busy having so much fun it just didn't happen. But I took plenty of photos!

hotel louvre paris night

This was the first thing I saw when I got off the bus and hadn't bothered to alter any camera settings 'cause HELLO I'm in Paris and too excited. Luckily we've been to Paris before on our interrailing trip and know how to navigate the metro/RER system so didn't have the headache. We were on our way to the apartment in no time. Easy peasy.

disneyland paris castle selfie

DISNEYLAND PARIS SELFIE OH YEAH. Please ignore my kind of weird face, that picture took about 2934802 attempts becaue the sun was kind of low and was properly making my eyes water hideously. I am not crying with excitement over being in Disney.... Honest...

pansy flowers disnelyland

disneyland paris lamp post

It's the little details of Disney that makes it so so special and beautiful and OMG. It's a shame that so much of the park was under construction with loads of rides shut, and it's a shame the weather wasn't a liiiiittle bit clearer and warmer. But whatchu gon' do. It's still stunning, regardless. Especially as I am one of those Disney obsessives (read my top 10 sad disney films here!) so they cant do anything wrong in my eyes!

disneyland paris view from castle

disneyland easter egg characters
 I assume these little eggy folk are for Easter/spring? They had them for loads of characters dotted round the park. How adorable are they?!

disneyland paris haunted house

FYI. The Haunted House ride was actually genuinely scary. I had no idea what it was going to be like but the answer is effing terrifying. I've never liked ghost rides or anything like that so I may not have gone on had I had known what is was. If you like spooks and screams you'll love it, though!

disneyland mad hatters tea party

alice in wonderland maze disneyland

queen of hearts castle disneyland parismad hatters tea party disneyland

tea pot tree

cheshire cat sign

You probably won't know that Alice in Wonderland is my favourite Disney film and one of my top films and books of all time. For my 21st birthday my parents arranged me a surprise "unbirthday" style party, with roses pained red, flamingos for croquet and cheshire cats! So the whole huge section of the park dedicated to Alice was just incredible for me. I was in my element!

cinderella float disneyland paris parade
disneyland paris firework castle

Of course, it's the parade and firework show that are the main events. Honestly. It is just mind blowing. The parade was filled with all the old and new favourites and just beautiful floats. The Cinderella one was my favourite! I am gutted my snap of the castle and fireworks is poor quality but hopefully you can get an idea of how incredible it was?! One of the best things I've ever seen. Period.

eiffel tower over seine

Didn't realise all my favourite pictures contained the Eiffel Tower in some shape or form. Oh well, when in Paris, eh?! It is something pretty special though. We started the morning with the standard stroll down the Champs-Élysées and enjoying a cuppa and a macaron before the standard browse round Sephora - Martin is a little gem. It turns out we were in sephora for nearly an hour and I didn't hear a word of complaint from him. (I think he secretetly kind of enjoyed it...)

eiffel tower distance faded

seine and eiffel tower at sunset

Martin and I decided to take a little Seine cruise for something a bit different than last time, and it was just lovely! We saw the usual sites but it was cool seeing them from a different angle and getting told some interesting little facts as we went.

We then spent the evening in Pigalle which was something a bit different - much edgier and, um, seedier than the Paris we know and love. But I bloody loved it, and we had the best budget meal (Which are few and far between in Paris) EVER from Gustave Claps. Wish I'd got some pictures of this part of the evening but my camera had died and my phone isn't tragically bad at nighttime. With full bellies we caught the metro back to our apartment for a semi early night to prepare ourselves for a 4am wake up to fly home. Boohoo.



  1. That is such an awesome birthday present!!! And how cute are your photos! Honestly you don't look weird in your first shot with the both of you!! Its super cute! The firework display looks AMAZING!!! the photo doesn't look that bad quality at all! What a lovely birthday! I use to go to Paris a lot as a child for Christmas shopping and that was so exciting! I haven't been in forever now though its on my list of to dos!

  2. I love Paris and I really really want to go there! Fab photos!!

  3. This looks so beautiful! I've never been to Paris or France, but I love seeing DisneyParis since I have been to Disney World in the US. It doesn't have the Alice in Wonderland area that Disney Paris does and I am a bit jealous as I love that movie, too!

    - Courtney

  4. Awesome Images you posted with your trip experience.. well, there are so many tourist attractions that you find on paris for paris short breaks. i really love to travel a lot”

  5. It looks absolutely amazing and soo much fun!! So glad you enjoyed it! The phitos you took are nice too :D. inhave never been to Disney Paris but I want to someday 😁
    Jade xo

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