Thursday 21 April 2016

Shit I Got No Time For

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If you're a regular reader of A Cup of T (which I hope some of you are?!) you'll notice that my posting schedule has gone to shit. Seriously.  I used to post 2/3 times a week and absolutely love it but at the moment I just can't justify spending hours on my blog. Dissertation calls. And as soon as my dissertation is done and dusted, revision will consume my life. Again. 

So if I've got no time for blogging and trampolining and all the things I love can you imagine the list of shit I have even less time for?

1. Shaving. I hate shaving my legs at the best of times so I have literally no time for it rn. My legs are beautiful prickly cacti, and I love it.
2. Peeling veg. If I'm making the effort to not just eat peanut M&Ms for dinner every day that is effort enough. If I don't shave my legs you better believe my carrots aren't getting special treatment.
3. Bras. Uncomfy cups, straps falling down, fastening clasps. Bugger that. Bugger that right off.
4. Brushing/washing my hair. Long, thick and wavy hair = nightmare. ZERO TIME.
5. TV adverts. Woah now buddy if I'm giving myself a guilt-free hour off work to watch Made in Chelsea why you wasting my time making me watch 6 car insurance comparison ads in a row. NEXT.
6. Tangerines. Got no time to peel them fuckers and pick all the pith off. Tangerines will have to wait til I'm graduated and just pray I don't get scurvy.
7. Tying shoes. A MINUTE OF MY LIFE I WILL NEVER GET BACK. Slip on shoes only pls.
8. Putting my clothes away. My floordrobe is growing exponentially. That 2 minutes each day I save adds up and could be the difference between passing and failing my degree. It's not just me being lazy, honest...
9. Waterproof mascara. Bitch no. I spent 5 minutes scratching at my eyeballs trying to remove that shit the other day. If I fail my exams I know what I'll be blaming.
10. Untangling earphones. The bane of my life. Seriously. The hours of my life that I spend untangling the beasts could be so better spent...
11. Decoding my own handwriting. My handwriting is legit illegible when I'm taking notes so I spend a depressing amount of time WASTING MY LIFE working out what the hell I've even written. 
12. The gym. Do I even need to explain? Any excuse...

But still somehow manage to find time to tweet angrily about my library struggles, keep up with my full skin care routine, make myself angry by reading about Donald Trump and watch those tiny cooking videos on Facebook. And actually get next to no work done at all... #FML.

What do you have zero time for at the moment?
Teri-May xx


  1. Hahaha this made me laugh. I think everyone's in the same boat because of dissertation stuff. (except me muahaha). I've literally got no time for taking photos at the moment, so lacking inspiration atm!


  2. Hahaha I love this. I am not at uni and am not doing a dissertation yet I still feel exactly the same about this list, I've got more important things to be doing that shaving my legs or washing my hair (what a tramp!) like binge watching the latest TV show...priorities haha. Good luck with your dissertation though, I hope you're done and dusted soon. xxx

    Charlotte | Just Charlotte

  3. Haaa this is a great post! I'm not in uni anymore but I definitely know how you feel. Uni work definitely means putting a hold on all the normal daily activities!

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  4. Hahahah this made me crack up! Seriously, tho the last time i shaved my legs was on my birthday. That was over a month ago - whose got time for this?! xx

  5. FLIPPING LOVE THIS! I connect on all levels. Shaving legs? Isn't there a reason black tights were invented? And peeling veg? Microwave pasta vegie bake takes 2 mins. I certainly got no time to do my nails. They chip within half an hour. Why bother!
    x x

  6. Hahahahahahah I can definitely agree with you on the shaving leg things ... YES TO PRICKLY LEGS!!! Also ... Seriously adverts?! I cannot stand how long they seem to me! I've been feeling a bit poop so this cheered me right up my angel! Love you lots !!

  7. Omg YES to this post, I feel you with all of these. Number 10... how do they even get so tangled to start with!!!! I don't understand!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  8. So funny! The ending paragraph is so true - I'm so busy with things that don't matter haha!

  9. The list made me laugh quite a bit but I have to admit that I almost never not wear a bra. My breasts aren't small and they are sensitive so not wearing a bra brings me pain more times than not. Eeeek.

    S .x

  10. I feel you on so many of these! Especially brushes and washing hair mine is long and thick too and it's a nightmare! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

  11. Ahahahaha! I agree on every single one of these! Loved the post hun!

    Romana x.


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