Thursday 28 April 2016

Cruelty Free Evening Skincare Routine

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When I choose to go cruelty free I realised that none of my skincare was cruelty free. AT ALL. Which not only felt shit on an ethical level, it meant I had to completely overhaul my skincare stash and say goodbye to some real HG products. Fabulous.

I’ve been experimenting with loads of different products from loads of different brands but I’m really happy with my current routine so I thought it was a good time to share it with you all! For reference my skin is, at the moment anyway, blemish prone (read: I look like a pepperoni pizza that’s been run over by a train) and I have all the joys of being oily and dry. Honestly, how good is my life? I get oily in my t-zone and dry for some reason around my mouth. And I got some HELLA BIG EYE BAGS. Carrying some serious baggage under these peepers, ya feel me?

cruelty free vegan natual skincare bodyshop tropic skincare soap and glory

If I have no make-up on (which is very common these days cos lets be honest, where am I going?) I’ll just do one cleanse and, at the moment, I am loving the Tropic Skincare Smoothing Cleanser*  which I massage into my skin and rinse off with a hot flannel – the flannel that comes with the cleanser is beaut. The SOFTEST face cloth I’ve ever used.  I love the eucalyptus type smell and the way it makes my skin feel. If you’ve never heard of Tropic Skincare I urge you to check them out – they are vegan and use natural ingredients and I’m beyond impressed with the products I’ve tried. You won’t be disappointed!!
On those fancy days where I am wearing make-up, before I cleanse with the Smoothing Cleanser I either take a make-up wipe (if I'm feeling particularly lazy) or my Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk to do a first cleanse, so to speak. I don’t get on with the Peaches and Clean on its own or as the final product cleaning my skin but it works well to remove make up before the big dogs go in.

Toner is a more recent addition to my skincare routine but now I wouldn’t dream of skipping it! I read somewhere that forgetting toner is like writing a blog post, adding your pictures and SEO touches, formatting and proofreading… Then not saving. I’m currently steadily making my way through the Tropic Skincare Vitamin Toner Pore Refining Mist* and I am truly impressed by how much smaller my pores appear since using it! I highly recommend this if you are a porous demon like myself. So once I’ve completed my final cleanse and I’m all smooooth I spray the mist and leave it to skin into my skin before applying Tropic Skincare’s Skin Revive Moisturiser.* It is the most beautiful moisturiser – I can’t quite leave behind BodyShop’sVitamin E moisturiser (I also use this in the facial mist before applying my make up and LOVE it) which is perfect for when I’m on a bit of a budget, but this is worth the slightly more premium price-tag.

natural vegan cruelty free skincare routine tropic skincare

Once I’m all silky smooth, hydrated and clean it’s time for eye cream. Before going cruelty free I used Clinique’s eye cream and, honestly, it is awful. It may feel gorgeous when applied to your eyes but in terms of addressing my tired eyes and dark circles it did nothing. The Tropic Skincare Eye Revive* is definitely the best I have tried in terms of making that eye area feel plump and fresh. My dark circles look considerably less zombie-like now and I’m a happy bunny!

Have you transitioned to cruelty free skincare?
Do you have any recommendations for me? (I’m slowly becoming a skincare junkie!!)

Teri-May xx


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