Thursday 19 May 2016

Uni Life | How Not to "Adult"

This is my last ditch attempt at forgetting that I’m a week away from finishing my degree forever, the prospect of being a FULL adult and no longer getting 3 weeks off for Easter/student discount/council tax exemption is looming and I’m about to graduate and fall into a pit of doom… 

Just generally trying to cling on to being a semi-grown up. Some of the perks but little of the responsibility. Sigh.

How Not to Adult | ACupofT

Take a REALLY long nap. As long as you can. In the middle of the day. When you have a full time job after you graduate you’ll be crying out for a nap feeling nostalgic for your bed at lunch time.

Have cereal for lunch and dinner. And make it as sugar-filled as possible, none of that branflakes shit, save that from when you’re 80 (and probably not even then because coco pops 4eva, amiright?)

Binge-watch a whole season in a day (or two if you’re a nutter). Again, when will you ever have time to sit relatively guilt free, putting the mountain of reading building on your desk aside, and watch all of season 5 of RuPaul’s drag race in a day? And then cover yourself in glitter and lipsync for your life, hunty.

Get drunk on a Wednesday morning. I’m not a big drinker by any means but there is something undeniably studenty (and kind of disgusting, but don’t the two often go hand in hand?) about being just a little tipsy off cheap cider in the SU before lunch time. Do it while you can.

Lie in. OH MAMA. If there’s 2 words that get me going it’s these. Any time before 10 is the night time and I’m just not cool with that. Nope. Make the most of 12 o’clock lectures and just sleeeeep...

All nighters. Whether it’s staying awake to write an essay (yawn) or to continue onto season 6 of  RuPaul (highly recommended) or throwing some shapes in the club, enjoy being able to use the wee hours and go all nocturnal. Because why the hell not? THAT’S WHAT LIE INS ARE FOR (see point 5).

Spend all your money on stupid shit for yourself. (Controversial). So, you’re 21 with a mediocre student loan and rent/food/bills to pay for. I know. But you only have yourself to worry about and everyone knows student loan isn’t real money… If you want the Too Faced Sweet Peach pallete (ugh don’t we all) just bloody buy it! Student discount doesn’t last forever.

Get your mum/dad/nan to cook for you and wash your clothes. This is definitely not how adulthood works but when you’re a student it’s almost the law to take your washing home whenever you can and shirk off responsibility for a day or two.

Do nothing. At all. For prolonged periods. From what I can see, adults defo aren’t supposed to do that so, if we’re not being adults, that means you defo should.
So good bye.
I’m going to go channel my “balding middle aged man buying a red Ferrari” and waste all my time and money being as irresponsible and lazy as I can, as I cling onto my ever-disappearing youth. PEACE OUT BITCHES.

Teri-May xx

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  1. Oh man, how I miss my student discount! It was at least half the reason I did a masters after I finished my undergrad haha...

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  2. Ha I am unsure how I used to go out all night, get in about 5am and then get up for lectures at 9am x

  3. I get a lot of comment from people - people who I might add who don't know me all that well! - who say I don't act very 'adult like'. lol I always answer by saying, I have my own place, got married and I now work for myself, honestly that doesn't get more 'adult like'. Prrrrft wish people keep their own thought themselves.
    What i'm trying to say is, honestly everyone have their own opinion on what being an adult is like. I learnt just be young at heart and being yourself is more fun and more rewarding then trying to be some stiffly grown up.
    Anyway sorry for this ramble. xx

  4. Wow, you're graduating. Congratulations. But get ready to face the reality, oh my. Enjoy the remaining week! Lovely post anyway.
    Love, Fads

  5. As a legitimate adult for sometime, you'd be surprised how many of those you can keep up, although maybe not all at the same time 😂

  6. Congrats at being so close to graduating that's a huge and very impressive milestone so well done!! This post made me giggle and I can relate to most of these as a what to do before you have kids too lol! xx

  7. Good article and I like the most last point! :) That's why I use because they help me very much and I have more time to do nothing! :)


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