Monday 3 October 2016

Models Own Nail Polish Collection

I never used to be much of a painted nail kind of girl. I'd paint them now and  again and only repaint once they'd disgustingly chip off to nothing. Ew.

Then a year ago I started working at Models Own which at the time was aaall about the nail varnish (they actually do loads of pretty good make up now). Over the next nine months I became obsessed with nail varnish and built up quite a substantial collection. From gels to glitters I've got a bit of everything.

Everyone loves a little peek into collections, and I'll give a lil' review of the different collections so hopefully it'll be somewhat helpful if you want to pick up a few bottles.

HyperGels - This is their main collection and I have a hefty few! I'm annoyed at myself for losing some of my favourites while I was recently in Edinburgh, especially White Light (which is the BEST white nail varnish I have ever owned). Generally the gels are pretty good, not as nonchip as they claim them to be but they are a beautiful finish and last longer than other polishes. 

models own hypergel collectionmodels own hypergel collection
Bottom Row L-R: Summer Solstice, Loganberry, HyperGel Topcoat, Robin Red
Top Row L-R: Midsummer Mauve, Cashmere Rose, Heather
Favourites: Loganberry (a beautiful deep pink for EVERY time of year) and Midsummer Mauve (the perfect light, mauvey nude)

Glitters - For whatever reason, some evil people don't like glitter. I don't care if it's hard to take off it is sooo worth it to be a glittery unicorn princess. The GlitterGels are basically glitter within the HyperGel formula so are glossy and easy to remove. The other glitters (Pink Fizz & Northern Lights) are your standard chunky glitters and have the most incredible reflects.

models own glitter collection

 L-R: Crystal Pink, Starburst, Pink Fizz, Indian Ocean and Northern Lights 
Favourites: ALL OF THEM. Especially Crystal Pink (perfect topcoat for any pink toned colour), Starburst (glam & lush for winter or a night out), Northern Lights  (insane & gorgeous, enough said).

Diamond Luxe - I think these may have been discontinued which is sooo stupid because they are undoubtedly the best formula, one of the best affordable polishes full stop! They contain diamond dust and have a muted sparkle. I have some full size and minis and have somehow lost my absolute favourites which will really suck if I can't replace them.

models own diamond luxe collection
Bottom Row L-R: Carat Coral, Trillion Taupe, Pear Purple, Oval Plum, Emerald Green.
Favourites: Carat Coral (perfect sparkly reddish coral), Marquise Maroon (not pictured: a stunning deep red).

Chrome - One of the most popular collections and easy to see why. I haven't seen any other formulas quite like this one. I love the finish and they dry in 30 seconds which is AMAZING for last minute painting. They chip like a mofo, though. There are some really cool colours and they can give really different "vibes".

models own chrome collection
L-R: Silver, Rose (Rose Gold), Red, Mauve (purple), Copper, Grey, Olive
Favourites: Rose (rose gold shade that suits everyone and looks different on all skin tones), Grey (an edgy colour - purple toned grey)

Others - there are lots of "miscellaneous" polishes from other smaller collections so I blobbed all of those together. These contain some of my favourites but, obviously, I've lost a billion others. The eggshell collection is adorable - the purple is my favourite but I've misplaced it. I love the blue too! The matte topcoat is the best I've used by a mile, it leaves nails velvety smooth and completely matte. The icing collection is my all time favourite, the colours are slightly muted and pastel but still vivid which sounds weird but it is stunning on the nails. The polish for tans collection is full of bright and amazing colours like neon orange and green. No special formula or finish but just lovely colours.

models own miscellaneous collection
L-R: Lilac Icing, Grace Green, Duck, Mint Icing, Matte Topcoat, Beach Hut, Nude Icing, Nude Beige
Favourites: Anything from the icing collection, (particularly Lilac and Mint), Grace Green (incredible khaki shade but been discontinued), Nude Beige (pretty, subtle browny toned nude)

I'll update this if I find the mysterious missing 10 polishes (or buy the whole new nude hypergel collection). It's always nice going through a collection and reminding yourself of what exists. I always forget about the "miscellaneous" shades.
 What are your favourite collections? 



  1. Shiny blue looks so lovely! Amazing packaging!

  2. Wow that is a big collection! I see the stand in Cardiff all of the time and want to go in and spend all of my wages but I hold back because I've bought ones in the past that aren't that chip proof which is really annoying because they're some beautiful shades available.

    Mel ★

  3. All the shades of your collection looks absolutely lovely. For improving skin texture, tone and other skin issues, chemical peeling is greatly helpful.


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