Wednesday, 5 October 2016

My Fitness Routine: Push, Pull, Legs.

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The other day I tweeted about how much I was loving my current fitness routine and how absolutely fabulous I was feeling. Looooads of you said you'd be interested in reading my current routine SO Y'ALL BETTER READ THIS.

Disclaimer - I'm NOT a personal trainer, I'm not a body builder, I'm not even particularly fit at the moment but this is a good way to work out. It's working for me and was recommended to me by my sister who recently lost FOUR STONE and now looks insane (and is insane, for that matter).

I currently do a 3 day split training plan - Push, Pull & Legs. That basically means I isolate different muscle groups on each day so, for example, I work out my legs on one day than more than I would if I did a whole body/more general work out every day.  Some people do more specific splits so whereas I work back and biceps on one day they may have a whole day dedicated just to their back. Which might be a bit too much for me.

Leg day is self explanatory, I think. It works the whole lower body, I focus on my glutes, hamstring and quads. Push day focuses on muscles that are used for "pushing" such as the triceps, shoulders and chest. Pull day works the muscles used for "pulling" exercises such as back and biceps (my weakest muscle group by far).

This may sound kind of scary and intense but I just think it gives focus to a fitness routine. You know exactly what you're doing every time you step in the gym and because you're doing the same exercises it's easier to feel your progress. Also, because you're not doing the same workout twice or even three times in a row, it's easier to feel motivated because it's different every day!

If you haven't heard of these exercises before, don't worry. To me they just seem like stupid names designed to scare people off doing them... They're all relatively short exercises with three or four sets of 10 or 12 reps. Each individual exercise takes me around 5 minutes. It's okay to take big rests in between sets or even within if you're struggling. Exercise isn't meant to be horrible and make you feel shit about yourself. 

Push Day Workout:
  • Tricep Push Down (3 x 12)
  • Face Pulls (3 x 10)
  • Arnold Press (3 x 10)
  • Incline Dumbbell Bench Press (3 x 10)
  • Tricep Kick Back (3 x 12)
  • Front Raises Superset (3 x 10)
  • Lateral Raises (3 x 10)
Pull Day Workout: 
  • Cable Bar Curls (3 x 12)
  • Cable Bent Over Row (4 x 10)
  • Hammer Curls (3 x 10)
  • One Arm Dumbbell Row (3 x 10)
  •  Lat Pull Down (4 x 10)
Leg Workout:
  • Quad Extension (4 x 10)
  • Prone Hamstring Curls (3 x 10)
  • Kettle Bell Squat (3 x 12 alternating 3 x 6 with a heavier weight)
  • Walking Lunges (3 x 10)
  • Straight Leg Dead Lift (3 x 10) 
I try to add a bit of cardio on to the beginning of push and pull days and I also tag on a bit of core/ab exercises at the end of a session if I'm not feeling too pooped! Don't forget, too - rest days are just as important as the workouts!!


  1. I'm the type of person who feels the need to work out every single muscle group in one day, however more recently I've split my workouts into Strength training (specific areas), some cardio to burn fat and then cool/down stretch, I'm actually in the process of setting up a fitness related instagram, in the hope it'll motivate me! x

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