Friday, 14 October 2016

OOTD: Pleather & Plaid

Shirt - Vintage Fair (Similar) / Skirt - Similar / Brogues - Primark / T-shirt - Primark 

Autumn is such an easy season to look good - the seasonal trends are always inspirational, and who doesn't look cute in a bobble hat? If you're not a trend follower, though, there are CLASSIC pieces that always work in autumn:

1. Plaid shirts                                      
2. Skater skirts with tights or socks

BOOM.  Put them together and you have an outfit. Not only that, you have an easy outfit that actually looks like you tried to look nice... You know, put a bit of effort into your fashion (when actually it's the easiest outfit to wear ever).  You look like a pulled-together badass who knows what she's doing in life. No one needs to know you had a Pot Noodle for breakfast...

I love oversized plaid shirts tied around the waist. It adds an extra *something* to an otherwise boring "skirt and top" combo. Worn with a band or novelty tee (a department that Primark has been absolutely killing it in recently, FYI) it's an absolutely perfect pairing. And t-shirts never go out of fashion so don't feel guilty about buying every hilarious or ironic slogan tee you see...

I wore this outfit for a casual drink for a friend's birthday because the leather skirt just makes it that little bit dressier. I think rather than a skater skirt, a leather wrap skirt or high wasted mini skirt would look soooo good, too. I kind of love leather everything (assuming you know that when I say leather I mean cheap, fake AF "pleather"). Especially with the 80s style on the runways recently and leather is unashamedly 80s in my eyes. Maybe more bold and "wet look" than this exceptionally toned down tribute to the trend, but still.

I swapped out my usual tights, which I would probably be more likely to wear for a "day-time casual" look, for the knee high socks. I love wearing knee high socks in the day, too - It's easy to make them feel more dressed down by wearing them over tights. You'd probably be surprised how often you finding yourself reaching for them. These socks have a fleece lining too which is what I can only imagine the fur of a magical unicorn bunny would feel like. Swooooon.

But my faaavourite part of this outfit (aside from my main man Johnny Cash emblazoned across my chest) are the leather style brogue shoes. To me, they are timeless and can be incorporated into almost any trend or look. I love the little studding detail in place of the laces - it makes it less fancy, formal shoe and more grungey and casual. They were only FIVE POUND in Primark. You can't even buy a Starbucks and a piece of cake for a fiver.  Go go go!!



  1. Love your outfit! :D I fell in love with your shoes!!! Are gorgeous!


  2. You look fab! I wish I could pull of knee high socks as well as you. You can never go wrong with a plaid shirt, I haven't owned one since I was about 16 but I definitely need to pick one up again xx

  3. Love this outfit!! I'm missing being able to wear skater skirts atm! Being pregnant and wearing a skater skirt isn't the best look to say the least haha! I'll just have to hack it until January and start wearing them again then haha!
    You look lovely in these shots! x

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