Friday 8 July 2016

Models Own Sweet Dreams Palette | Swatches, Review & Looks

I may be "braver" than some when it comes to eyeshadow. I'm very aware that not everyone feels that confident rocking a mint green and pink halo eye, for example. So maybe a palette that contains a bunch of rather daunting looking bright AF pastels might not be top of everyones wish list. HOWEVER, I actually think Models Own's Sweet Dreams palette is well worth adding to your collection.
sweet dreams palette models own new
pastel colourful bright palette models own sweet dreams flat lay

I challenge you this - rummage through your stash and count how many neutral/bronze/gold/browny type eyeshadows you have (not to mention lipsticks. I know I'm right, girl). In a world obsessed with mauve-toned lips, taupe crease shades and neutral palettes, and blacker-than-my-soul winged liner I think a little palette with personality is just what we all need. So in this post (after I finish the customary waffling) you can expect a little run down of what is in the palette, whether it's actually any good and some potential looks for the slightly nervous among you and the badass brave chicks.

So basically: The palette has 10 shades in fairly small 0.7g pans (about half the size of a MAC or Make Up Geek single pan). The palette is part of Models Own new make up range - they have a ridiculous amount of new make up, vastly varying in quality in my opinion, and costs £15. Not the cheapest but by no means a high-end price. Saying that, it's also not super-high-end quality but definitely there with other similarly priced palettes. It's the mixture of cute colours with MEGA CUTE names that makes it something a little bit more special.

It contains mostly matte shades with a few satin formulas. Generally they are pretty good! Some are excellent - the electric blue (Dolly Mix) is SO SO pigmented and amazing, and the bronze (Toffee) is very creamy and just beautiful even though I don't think it fits in with the theme of the palette, particularly. Most give really good colour payoff, the only "duds" for me are the satin pale yellow (Banana Split) which I don't think I would wear much anyway, and the paler pinks (Millions and Ice Cream) aren't as good as the others but still definitely useable. They just need a little more work!

Models Own Sweet Dreams Palette Swatch
L-R: Apple Jack (matte), Candy (satin), Bon Bon (matte), Banana Split (satin)
Models Own Sweet Dreams Palette Swatch
L-R: Big Cherry, Millions, Dolly Mix, Sour Grape (all matte)
Models Own Sweet Dreams Palette Swatch
L-R: Toffee (satin), Ice Cream (matte)
One of the simplest, most inoffensive ways to wear these colours is with a good old black eyelinger with a wing (I went for a wee little wing this day). Smudge your favourite colour  under the lower lashline for a pop of colour.  The bolder the better! If you're feeling even braver, finish the look with a complementing mascara or eyeliner on the lower lashes/waterline. Another fun, easy way to wear colours like this is to simply wear one of the colours in the crease and lower lash line with lots of mascara.

Models Own Sweet dreawms palette looks
Left - Big Cherry & Candy (much brighter IRL!) / Right - Dolly Mix & Apple Jack (with Kiko Eyeshadow Stick 11)




  1. You're absolutely right: I have a tonne of taupes, greys, browns and neutrals in my eyeshadow stash. I love the sunny brightness here in the Models Own palette and I love what you've done with Dolly Mix & Apple Jack - subtle yet striking. Tx

  2. I tend to wear more nude shades or metallics, but this palette is super cute and pretty.


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