Wednesday 13 July 2016

Why My Boyfriend Is Kind of The Best

For those who don't know, maybe a bit of background to this post might be useful:
My boyfriend is Martin, we've been together nearly 3 years now and live together in our teeny weeny (but super lovely) flat in Cardiff. He's from Edinburgh and is your stereotypical grumpy Scotsman.

I've been giving Martin quite a bit of grief these last few weeks (...months), and being a bit, shall we say... Unpleasant. During my final exams and dissertation, after finishing uni and being unemployed and bored, and while my OCD was at its very worst I have been a bitch and he was an easy target for my frustrations. I thought I would jot down some reasons why he is the best boyfriend, NO, person in the world. WARNING: SICKENING LOVE-FILLED VOM MATERIAL AHEAD.

  • ~~Scrolling through Netflix. I chose a fairly man-oriented comedy I though he would enjoy, but by the time I pressed play he was already transfixed on Bee Movie. Which he chose to watch and loved.
  • He knows the names of all (yes, I have a lot) of my cuddly toys and calls them all by name.
  • After he bought me two giant unicorns No, wait. This fully deserves a point of its own.
  • He bought me two giant pink sparkly unicorn teddies.
  • Cntd. After he bought me said unicorns, he carried one (his one, apparently) around the flat for a week. And a year later he still calls it his unicorn. 
  • He always, still, makes me a cup of tea without asking. Several times a day. In fact, he just boiled the kettle as I wrote this point. 
  • When we run out of toothpaste etc he walks the extra ten minutes to go to co-op to pick up the cruelty free stuff.
  • He gets up early every Sunday after working full time all week to take me to work. And picks me up again later.
  • 6/7 nights a week he has a completely vegetarian diet and NEVER complains. Instead he praises my cooking, always acts like it's the nicest meal he's ever eaten and mostly just eats meat when we go out for dinner.
  • On a related note - he actively tells carnivorous friends of ours how much he enjoys Quorn and vegetarian food. Even though said friend equates how much meat you eat to how manly you are.
  • He always comments when my highlight/eyebrows/contour/eyeliner looks good. 
  • He loves Ru Paul's Drag Race (Although he does pretend he doesn't...)
  • He is currently paying for all our rent so I don't have to worry about finding a job straight away or settle for a rubbish one I don't want.
  • My hometown is kiiiind of boring and shitty but he loves it and wants to buy a house there - the #1 reason I know he is a special one.


Soppiness over. I just thought Martin deserved a bit of praise for all his goodness.
Spread some love - tell me something sweet your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/mam does for you and why you love them so much.
Peace out. xxx




  1. This is such a lovely post and you and Martin sounds perfect for each other. If he can put up with you through the bad and hard times then you definitely know he is the right person for you :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. Thank you! You're so right - some boyfriends buy their girlfriends loads of expensive make up or take them on luxury holidays, but for me, Martin sticking with me at those times says everything :-) xx

  2. Awww you lucky lady! He's sounds like a little gem :) This really made me think about how good my boyfriend really is, even though I moan at him lots haha. It's rare that us girlfriends take the time to appreciate all they do for us (or it is for me anyway):) xxx

    1. Writing this made me realise how lucky I was, he really is a good one! I completely agree a lot of us really take it for granted! Maybe you could do a little post like this to show him some love too haha! Xx

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  3. I wish people did more posts like this, it makes my heart melt. When me and Kyle went on holiday last month we were playing pool and I need the loo, when I came back he'd won me the cutest elephant teddy from one of them claw machine's that where in the hotel. I hope you spend many more years together you look like a lovely couple and you're so lucky for going to Disney Land !

    Claire ❤ | My Little Memoir

    1. Oh he sounds like a sweetie, too! It's the little things that count :-) thank you very much! X

  4. Omg with some of the points i was like - my boyf does that too! How cute :) xx

  5. This is so lovely - some of the posts I totally squealed at because I know the exact feeling (such as, cups of tea and them putting on your fave film without even asking). Wishing you many more happy years! X

    Vee //


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