Saturday 3 September 2016

6 Ways to be Happier & Healthier

I am in a fabulous mood today.

I may look like a scotch egg someone stepped on and I may have eaten both my breakfast and lunch out of mugs because I've ran out of bowls (I definitely did this. #noshame).

I may still be no closer to getting a post-uni job and I may be getting more chubs by the day 'cause my gym buddy has gone back to work and seems to have taken my motivation with her... But I feel mega happy today.

I want everyone else to be happy. And of course healthy. Not like kale and beetroot smoothie, 6 hours in the gym and 4 hours of yoga/meditation healthy, but achieveable healthy for us mere mortals. So maybe some of these little pearls of wisdom might make you happy today (or tomorrow, that's cool too).

1. Get up earlier.

 I can't even believe I'm suggesting this, it's almost blasphemous for me. I mentioned it before in this post about when the world seems out to get you, and people seemed to back it. A couple of days recently I've gotten up early for whatever reasons and once I am over the initial EW WTF NO, I have felt so positive and the days have felt productive. Go for a morning walk, take an extra bit of time eating breakfast, read a book in bed or clean your bathroom (I love cleaning my bathroom so much). You'll feel energised and HEY if you get sleepy later that's what naps are for, baby.

2. Drink fluids*

*not gin. Seriously though, I know that's amongst the most generic pieces of advice you could ever receive BUT if you're like me and think you're part cactus and don't need to drink water for a couple of days... You're wrong. Like, so wrong. Use it as an excuse to buy yourself a cute cup with a fancy-pants straw (extra winning if it's got glitter and unicorns on it like mine). Fill it, drink, repeat. Your organs, skin, mind and happiness will thank you.

3. Hygge it up.

I've got a whole post coming on hygge so keep an eye out for that 'cause I promise it's going to be fab. Anything abou hygge is fab. BASICALLY think cosiness - think peace, and happiness, and candles, and feeling chill. There are loads of ways to incorporate some hygge into your life and truthfully, even just reading a couple of pages of Meik Wiking's Little Book of Hygge* made me feel so much happier. I highly recommend picking it up, it's released on 15th September (£9.99).

4. Get inspired.

This is probably the most instrumental in me having a Tony the Tiger grrrrr-eat day and feeling on top of the world. I don't know particularly what inspires me so I can't just fall back on the same thing, but some days I'll read a blog post or come across a blog that makes me want to up my blogging game and be the best. Maybe my sister will share her current fave gym routine with me that gets me desperate to get to the gym. Pinterest is probably a good place to start. Search photography tips/vegan baking/upcycling projects/10 minute gym routines - ANYTHING that will get you excited about something.

5. Be active. 

Physically. Yawn, I know. I'd rather be active on social media from the comfort of my bed surrounded by biscuits and fairy lights and whatnot. BUT since I got back to the gym I like myself more, I'm proud of myself, it gets me out of the house which stops me going mad. This will only work if you find something you want to do, though. If you hate cardio dragging yourself to the gym and spending half hour on the cross trainer will make you miserable. Do you love swimming? Could you join a beginners gymnastics club? Are there any local football teams you could join? Or failing that, go for a walk. A long one. Hatch some pokemon eggs while you're at it.

6. Buy a big bunch of flowers.

Or two or three. Maybe this is just me but when I go into my living room or glance over to my desk and see a big ass bunch of tulips I feel instantly uplifted and ready to work. It encourages me to keep my desk tidy too which is kind of a big deal. Cos I seriously seem to enjoy spreading paper and pens EVERYWHERE. Like the savage I am. Everyone knows plants are good for you so seriously why am I even persuading you, like, just go buy some flowers already. I promise it'll make you feel good.

Hopefully, my friends, you already feel happy and content but who doesn't need an extra dose of happiness now and again amiright?

A lot of this is just creating time for you and a lush space to live. Obvs spending time with people you like is good and makes you happy, but chill time or productive time just for you can be so so awesome. Especially if it's somewhere that makes you feel good.

Be happy, peeps. xxx




  1. These are really good tips! I actually love getting up early so I can get more out of my day. I'm so glad the gym makes you feel good too! I've gotten so much more confident in myself since going regularly. Great post, I love your writing : )
    Steph x.

    1. I want to get in the habit of doing it more often but cosy bedding thinks otherwise haha! I'm so happy you like it, thank you :-) xx

  2. I love Hygge! Really looking forward to your post on it. I recently picked up The Little Book of Hygge - looking forward to diving into it this month. Great tips - I love having a bunch of flowers in the kitchen; makes doing the dishes much more cheery! x x

    1. I'm finding the hygge book so inspiring! Tweet me when you start reading it and let me know what you think! X

  3. Lovely most. Ive seen this Hygge book doing the rounds but never knew what it was.. until now ofc! Great post. I'm really craving some fresh flowers at the moment.. might have to treat myself :)

    Nadia | <3

    1. Definitely pick up that hygge book, especially if you are someone who struggles with winter blues! And ofc pick up some flowers too haha! X

  4. Ah love this post hun! I'm in a 'no post-uni job' state at the mo (I actually graduated 2 yrs ago and had a year grad job that ended and been in retail since) and it sucks, doesn't it? It can be so hard to get motivation when you're just at home for a lot of the day but I agree with all these things - it's the little things that can really push you out of been in a rut! I'm looking at my empty vase now and seriously thinking about getting to lidl for some fresh flowers right this sec haha!

    Beth |

    1. It just shouldn't be this hard! I hope you find something perfect for you soon, what did you study? In the mean time definitely pick up some flowers to cheer yourself up!! X

  5. I wish I had the enthusiasm for cleaning my bathroom that you have, it takes me ages to make myself do it then I do it and remember how quick it is and tell myself I won't leave it as long next time then the cycle starts again! x


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