Monday 15 August 2016

Why I Say "No Thanks" To "Positivity Only Please"

I feel that I am a generally positive person IRL - I'm smiley, I make people laugh and I generally try to live my life in a positive way by not holding grudges, being kind to everyone I meet and not getting bogged down by anxiety and sad thing (of which there are A LOT in todays world, like, have you seen the news?).

But I'm no cupcake fairy sparkle unicorn. I have opinions on everything, and I like to tell everyone my opinion on things. Because I am a dick. I love to start discussions and have debates on "negative" topics, because they're the ones that need to be discussed.

My family don't really get this (no hate, fam. I love you). I'll discuss the systematic racism of the entertainment industry, the (in my view) irrational fear of immigrants and Muslims and my slightly elitist view of university system. These things divide opinion and conversations surrounding these issues are intrisincally negative. And arguments are started where people get upset. But that's why they are important and interesting to talk about. 

And on a smaller, less political scale, my post on Post-Graduation Life being the life-stage equivalent of Donald Trump (read: the fucking worst thing ever), is one of my most read and interacted with post recently. People don't hate negativity. Is it even negativity? What is negativity? A word that, today as I write this, is filling up my twitter feed. OMG NO STOP THE NEGATIVITY PLS.
Even a big name YouTuber said about how she wants to see positive vibes only. (No shade, no hate. Just an observation). Like, really? Where is the fun in that? How do we enlighten and discuss important issues like feminism, racism or mental illness if we put an embargo on any topic that doesn't give us the warm fuzzies? 

I love that some blogs are just beacons of happiness, positivity, brightly coloured happy fun. If you're feeling sad, a blog like that will certainly cheer you up. But most blogs are our personal spaces to write about our experiences, our thoughts, our wishes and hopes. Be it positive or negative, weird and wonderful.

Let us not be libellous or slander others, of course. No one wants that. Conversely, let us not be catty, sly and two faced. But above all, seriously, let us write what we want, be it on our blogs or twitter. They are, for most of us, an extension of our personalities and lives. If anyone is a happy rainbow angel 24/7 and never has low moments, then hand yourself in to science so we can try to bottle your unrelenting positivity. But for most of us, we have down days and thoughts on negative topics that we want to share. 

So shut up and let us.
Tezza. xxx




  1. Yes yes yesssss girl! Thank you for writing this - I could not agree more! "Negativity" is a part of life, and it's unhealthy not to talk about "negative" subjects. Like you, I enjoy a good debate on controversial topics. I think it's important! I am definitely not a full time sparkly mermaid/unicorn/Disney princess blogger, but I am super down to earth and open minded to ALL topics! You go girl, this rocked. xx

    1. That's how everyone should be - open minded and willing to talk about all the positive things, spark up a good debate and be honest about negative things! Thanks lovely! Xx

  2. Such an amazing post, thank you for sharing! It is quite funny because I actually wrote a very similar post today, one about speaking up on the internet and that we should be allowed to share our opinions on politics just as much as our opinions on the perfect eyeliner. I think it's incredibly important to address problems and to raise awareness and there is a clear difference between hating and voicing an opinion. And if no one talks about certain topics, we can't expect a better future. I also love your Trump comparison, that really made me laugh xx

    1. I'll definitely check yours out, that sounds right up my street! Glad other people seem to be on the same page as us, too. It's very positive and uplifting to me!


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