Wednesday 3 August 2016

Shit I Loved in July

I can't believe we're so far into summer already. How is it fair that the best season ever lasts about half an hour yet winter lasts half my life? (Answer: it's not). July was a weird month. It absolutey flew by and it feels like everything and nothing happened. But I've got a few little faves.

Beauty Stuff.

I bought this NYX Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick (£6.50) for my graduation and I love the formula. It's not as longwearing as a liquid lipstick obvs, but it's a nice soft, velvet matte finish. It's relatively comfortable and the colour is just beeeauutt for summer. I love wearing it with a simple, bronzey/glowy face and just loads of mascara.

So I originally wrote about the Barry M Strobe Cream and the Mary Loumanizer (£16) as this month's favourite. But since writing this, the strobe cream is going further down in my opinion. It just doesn't sit well at all on top of make up and shows up texture and any peach fuzz on my skin quite badly. SO just Mary Lou is fave this month. For summer, an intense glow is what we're all loving and Mary Lou is the perfect, goldy/honey highlighter. I don't feel like it emphasises pores or texture either, and I love the compact with the mirror for taking on the go!

The Real Techniques Stippling Brush (£11.99) is a true, tried and tested favourite. It's a great brush for a summer base and I've been using it pretty excessively as of late. I like it for blending out concealer under my eyes and applying foundation. My favourite use right now, though, is for blending cream contour products. I think it might be time to invest in another one, as this is being used and washed to death. Though clearly not in this picture... Sozzles.

My final favourite is a favourite every single month. One of my top products EVER. I couldn't live without it - Batiste Dry Shampoo (£2.19), specifically the "Marrakech" scent. (Not sure if that makes me a minger who needs to wash my hair more or....?). Nothing works for me like Batiste and I just love it to freshen up lack-lustre hair or give me a little volume.

Life/Bits & Bobs.

I graduated, which is cool. The aftermath is not so cool, though. But that's a whole other story (That you should definitely read here, just sayin'). The whole day was pretty special, though. Aisha, my best friend, came back to Cardiff from London and it was lush seeing her and I went for a gorgeous meal at The Pot. So that was a definite highlight of July.

Another highlight has been PokemonGo. Just like every other human on earth. I love how it's getting people out of the house and talking to each other. WHY IS IT SO ADDICTIVE THOUGH? Honestly, shit's like crack!

My £1 round mirrored sunglasses from Primark have been my faves this month. With it being kind of summer and all that. Sunglasses are one of the things I just don't pay a lot for. I lose them and break them all the time, and I like having lots of different options so buying lots of affordable pairs work out best for me! That being said, this month I've worn these ones pretty much exclusively. I just love the 90s vibe they give - effortlessly cool.

What have you loved this month?
Teri-May xx



  1. Cute :) That lipstick looks lush and congrats on graduation <3

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