Tuesday 22 December 2015

How to get in the Christmas Spirit

The lead up to Christmas can be a stressful period. For a lot of people, work at this time is super busy, Christmas shopping can lead to panic and bank accounts take a bit of a dent, and for lots of us lowly students we have a lot of exams to revise for in January! So this December, more than any I can ever remember, has been very stressful and I’ve been pretty miserable if I’m honest.
I had my first panic attack since I was 16 last week and it was such a low point and I just feel so overwhelmed and stressed about everything. Which is not what Christmas is meant to be. (Thank you very much university and retail job – WHY DO YOU HATE HAPPINESS?)

From what I’ve seen on twitter, I’m not the only one lacking in Christmas cheer and festive excitement this year. So, in light of all this anxiety and stress stunting my usual crazy super Christmas excitement – I thought I’d share some ways to get us all feeling a bit more cheery!

Light some candles and watch a Christmas film. There’s nothing like a Christmas classic to put a big old smile on my face. Especially if you crack open a box of celebrations and go to absolute town on those bad boys (except eclairs and fudge – ain’t nobody got time for that shit). Even just thinking about Elf or the Grinch puts me in a Christmassy mood. Get some Christmas film inspiration from this post!

Wrap up warm and wander through the Christmas lights. The towns and cities this year seem to have outdone themselves with their lights, decorations and christmas markets! Every time I walk through the city centre and get a good look around it always perks me up a bit. Especially if it’s super cold and you’re all wrapped in lots of layers and scarves sipping on a Costa hot chocolate in one of their cutie snowman cups 

Wrap some presents with a Christmas play list. For me, and I hope for you, too, one of the best bits about Christmas is knowing you get to give the presents you agonised over to the person who will love them! Christmas shopping literally KILLS MY SOUL but wrapping the presents and seeing them all ready to give away makes me feel so full of excitement. Especially with some Christmas classics on in the background.

Visit Winter Wonderland. This is always one of the highlights of Christmas for me, when I see the big wheel in Cardiff go up I know Christmas is coming and strolling through all the lights and the rides, and munching on some of the lovely goodies on the stalls is guaranteed to put me in the festive mood. And, of course, ice skating under the twinkly fairy lights is just a Christmas necessity!!

Are you all in the Christmas mood yet? What do you do to get yourself feeling festive?


  1. Watching christmas films and baking always makes me feel more christmasy x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. I have always wanted to visit winter wonderland! I am also not being that festivity this year but these are great suggestions x


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