Tuesday 29 December 2015

Flaunt Your Haunt - Why I Love Cardiff*

It's no secret that I am a pretty passionate, patriotic Welsh gal. I love Wales and everything about it - the language, the culture, the towns and cities (and never shut up about it) so obviously, when Travelodge asked me to "flaunt my haunt" for their new campaign, I couldn't wait to write about my city of Cardiff. Again. Any excuse, y'know...

Welsh Croeso Pub Sign

Cardiff Gorsedd Gardens flowers

Cardiff is an incredible city to visit and I feel quite privileged to live there. It often gets looked over as a destination and I really don't understand why. Where else can you visit and be simultaneously in a city, a stones throw away from beautiful county side and a few miles from the beach?! Aside from that, the city itself is amazing with all our favourite shops housed in the shopping centre and the high street and aaaall the gorgeous independent shops and boutiques in the pretty arcades that are so under appreciated. Even by the locals! And, I'm no architect but I think the buildings (especially the University buildings) are so romantic and gorgeous and I just bloody love the castle. Right in the middle of the city. What more could you want?! (You know I love a castle by now)

Cardiff University Building
Cardiff Castle

Inside Cardiff Shopping Arcades
 A must visit in Cardiff is "The Bay" as it is affectionately known as to the locals: a hub of restaurants and bars and basically a damn good place to wine and dine and get a little bit drunk overlooking the waters. It's particularly gorgeous in the evening when the sun is setting and you're maybe a little bit tipsy...

Cardiff Bay in the evening
 Cardiff Milenium Centre

I was asked to mention one place of particular sentimental value to me and Roath Park came straight to mind. It is a place that never fails to make me happy. Martin and I love to go for a wander around the lake and have a picnic in one of the many gardens, it's beautiful in a different way in every season - the below picture was on a grey, dreary day in autumn and I still love it. You can even hire a rowing boat and go all "notebook" on the lake, just watch out for the scary AF swans and geese. NOPE. NO THANKS. It is just such a happy, lovely place to visit, and as someone who grew up outside of a city, it is somewhere special where I like to go and walk, and forget I'm in a city which is priceless when I occasionally get a bit homesick.

Roath Park Lake
Swan in Roath Park
I hope I've tempted you to visit my beautiful city and see for yourself, Travelodge has loads of hotels so there's really no excuse for not getting your arse straight to Cardiff right now!
Have you visited Cardiff before? What did you see and do?




  1. I've never been to Cardiff! It looks so pretty and full of amazing culture. The photos look so gorgeous and I adore what you wrote about it

    lovely post,
    Daizy from| www.ZyaandDaizy.wordpress.com

  2. I absolutely adore Cardiff. I've lived here for about six months and I still have a lot of places to visit. I'm in love though.

  3. I LOVE Cardiff! I am from somewhere not too far from Swansea, so I've spent quite a lot of time in Cardiff and its brilliant!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

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