Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Back with a bang: a new me and an un-polished blog

So I haven't blogged in ten million years.

Hi. I think I'm back.

I moved house and furnished said dwelling on a shoe string, had no fucking money to buy anything to write about, started a PhD, went on a few holidays, had a tough time with my mental health and just fell sincerely out of love with blogging: writing and reading.

Because I couldn't compare against the editorial style bloggers with their brightly lit rooms and pretty trays on their white unwrinkled bedsheets with peonies next to their toast. And their perfectly composed low shot of a gold lipstick (probably Charlotte Tilbury) with flowers and ribbons in the background, or resting on a hardback book (Probably Alexa Chung or Girl Boss).

I couldn't compete with the tall, slim, perfect fashion bloggers with their vogue poses and London street and blossom tree backgrounds. I look like a lil slug, feel like a wally posing and smizing at the camera and Martin is a SHITE photographer.

So - WELCOME TO MY UNPERFECT, UNPOLISHED BLOG. Here, my friends, we don't go for posh brunch every afternoon. We eat cornflakes and soy milk before work. We don't keep up with the latest releases because a girl is concerned about waste and consumerism and, realistically, bills gotta get paid and cats gotta get fed yaknow.

This blog isn't the place to read about perfection and see glossy images. I lost my sense of self in blogging without realising. I was writing for the reader, my "audience" and what I thought they would enjoy without it being necessarily what I enjoyed writing about. And where is the joy in that? I wasn't publishing my blog posts because my product shots weren't as polished and perfect as everyone elses but IT DOESN'T MATTER MATE. I have gone through my blog and deleted every post that I didn't write from the heart. This blog is all real from now on.

Anyone remember when blogging was writing what you felt into an abyss of no readers and not worrying about Google Analytics? And snapping a shite photo of your foundation on your windowsill on your iPhone with ZERO thought about composition or "blogging props". Let's not forget getting your mam to take a pic of you smiling in the garden to show off your new dress without a far off gaze into the distance or leaning on a bike rack in Camden.

Bear with me while I get back there - Maybe even join me plz.


  1. LOVE THIS!! I'm so over all the perfectly polished and edited to high hell blog photos and posts. I'd much prefer some realism, please! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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