Thursday, 4 May 2017

Why I Don't Hate Instagram

dont hate instagram algorithm

Short answer: It's not that big a deal.

Yes, it's kind of annoying. Especially because it didn't need to happen - why ruin a good thing? But in the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter, and it can easily be spun into a positive.

Kirsty Leanne outlined my thoughts pretty well in her post about why she agrees with the algorithm changes. (Which you should definitely read). While I can't say I wholeheartedly agree or think they were absolutely necessary - why don't we try and embrace it as a challenge? Why are Oxford and Cambridge sooo prestigious? So much so that if someone tells you that they are studying anything at either of those Universities you almost feel your eyes widen and the admiration and respect is palpable. It's an amazing achievement because it's HARD to get in. They don't just take anyone.

So Instagram now: it's bloody difficult to get followers and engagement. So let's work a little bit harder (Which I think we are all doing). Let's get creative with our posts and themes. Let's really engage with others and leave lots of lovely comments. Maybe most importantly, let's acknowledge that EVERYONE is going through the same so if you're losing a few followers for every one you gain, most likely so is everyone else. You're not hard done by or falling by the wayside because everyone is there struggling with you. And when you do get a shit tonne of likes on a post, or reach a new milestone it will feel SO much better. Because it was hard getting there.

Also, let's remember the point of Instagram isn't to gain gazillions of followers. Even thought that's obviously a fab goal and good for you for aiming high etc etc. We all become a bit obsessed with growing our following on all these different platforms and it being a beautiful extension of our blogs. But isn't nice just to share our photos and little moments of our day? It's even nicer seeing other people's while you are scrolling and just enjoying the app rather than letting it consume our thoughts and stress us out.

It's still full of pretty pictures and it's still possible to gain followers. Maybe we just need a lil' change of mindset to get back to loving it again.

(Or Facebook could just revert all the changes and that would be FUCKING GREAT).



  1. I don't hate IG at all - even with all the recent changes. I recently hit the 1000 followers mark and was so proud of myself because it has been really hard going getting there - but I did it! Like you said, it just needs a change of mindset. Look at it as a challenge and work harder - you'll reap the rewards and feel amazing for it.

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