Thursday 19 January 2017

Since I've Been Gone (and Why I'm Back)

(I can breeeathe for the first tiiiiime)

It felt so unnatural logging into blogger and creating a new entry. Like, what? How is that possible? I went from writing three times a week with my views, followers and engagement at its highest ever to literally nothing. Nada.

I haven't posted since October, have tweeted a handful of times and haven't even read any of my favourite blogs. What happened? I DON'T EVEN KNOW.

I for sure didn't "fall out of love" with blogging because I dropped off the face of the earth during a time I was IN LOVE with it. Everything just seemed to happen at the same time and life just got hectic so blogging (accidentally) took a back seat. So here's everything that happened while I was away and kind of accounts for where the fuck I went:

My laptop broke. With all my pictures and documents and eeeverything. It's still broken now and I hate writing on Martin's. It's ginormous and not at all portable, and all the stock photos I had taken were lost.

 I got a lil' kitten. I'm planning a whole post introducing Mr Puddles and the story of how I got him, which is kind of a not-so-funny story of accidental cat burglary and/or saving a kitties life. (I prefer to think of it as the latter). He's satanic and horrid but also the sweetest little boy and I wub the little floof. 

I started a new job. And left that same job. The job was all consuming with12 hour days and always on call. I was a personal credit agent, by the way, which is a job I've done on and off for a few years. That's basically a fancy way of saying "debt collector" minus the stereotype of baseball bats and fear... It took over my life and I'm thinking of writing a new post about "life as a debt collector" if anyone would be interested. It's fucking weird.

We went to Spain. Martin was invited on a "business trip" sort of thing to Almeria and on to Alicante and I went along for shits and giggles. He only ended up doing maybe one days work and we had SO much fun shopping, exploring and eating too much tapas in the sun.

I cut all my hair off. (See above) This doesn't explain why I've been gone because it took at most two hours out of my life BUT it's still worth knowing. I cut a whole foot off my hair to donate it so it's a a pretty short bob at the moment and I love it!

I got a new job. Some of you may have seen on twitter but I'm now the editor of which is a website startup and I think it's got a really bright future! I work part time doing this at the moment and I'm loving it.

We went to Edinburgh twice. One of the times we drove, too, which takes about 11 years but it was really lovely to go up twice in such close proximity, which we never do, especially for the first visit which was for Martin's brother's wedding in a candlelit cave which was just gorgeous. But that took a big chunk of my time.

House hunting shit got real. I babbled about the trauma and decisions in this post about house hunting but we have found our dream home and we reeeally want it. We had our offer accepted but on my self employed/freelance income, even though it is enough, we are struggling to get a mortgage. So, yeah, majorly stressed right now.

SOOOO as you can see. life has been preeeetty busy. I can't say the last 2 or 3 months have been particularly enjoyable either, and they just sapped all the life and energy out of me, not to mention the creativity and inspiration. I still don't feel particularly inspired and the thought of having to take blog photos especially in winter makes me feel physically sick. If any homies want to help a girl out and be her personal photography holla at me.

I'm back, bitches.


  1. Welcome back! It sounds like you had a hell of a lot going on over the last few months! Your cat is so cute - he looks a bit like mine, but mine's more white than black. Same white eyelashes and whiskers though, haha. I'd love to know the story behind him. Congrats on the new job - and I'd definitely be interested in reading about life as a debt collector. I watch a lot of the shows like "Can't Pay" because I find it really interesting. Alicante is a beautiful place - I used to spend every Summer out there because my godmother lives there! x x

  2. Yaaay welcome back! We got a kitten before Christmas and he's a little bugger, right now he's sitting all over the laptop as I type

    Mel ★

  3. Hi, well it's been nice reading your blog and it looks like you've been a little busy (lol). I can sort if relate to the Edinburgh trip taking 11 or so years, based on my best friend was stationed there in England (AF). If it were a straight road, which I assume is not likely, it wouldn't take so long right? Anyway, wonderful blog you have and I look forward to reading your next post.. Best, Joe

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