Thursday 10 March 2016

5 Rules To Live By

I basically live by three basic rules: Always try to have faith, (not in a religious way - unless that is your kind of thing); treat people as you would like to be treated, and don't count on tomorrow. Easy.

Oh, god. I already sound preachy. I don't mean to sound preachy - I just think these are nice, easy things to try and incorporate into your daily life - the kind of thing you may not think about consciously. Ya get me?

I just find that thinking my actions and things that happen to me in terms of these rules keeps me sane and makes other people happy. And really, what is better than knowing that you've been responsible for making another person smile?

five rules to live by

These "rules" break down into just small ways of living that, honestly, can improve your quality of life so so much.

1. Everything happens for a reason. I find it hard to articulate this belief as it's not about religion, or fate or anything like that, so don't go rolling your eyes pleeease!! I just really truly believe it. It may be hard to swallow sometimes and you may not see or feel the positive consequences yourself but it definitely does - it's kind of analogous to "every cloud has a silver lining" or "there's light at the end of the tunnel". Just be positive.

2. What goes around comes around. When you're nice to people, nice things happen to you. That's not to say your life will be full of rainbows and unicorns if you always leave a big tip or hold the door open for the guy behind you. But being genuinely kind and friendly and helpful to everyone that you can be whenever possible just has a way of catching up with you. Trust me, DO IT. 

3. Time you enjoyed "wasting" isn't wasted. I can't even COUNT the amount of times I've thought shit - we spent the only day off we've had together in weeks playing CoD and watching tv in bed! What a waste!! But I enjoyed every minute of those days so how can it possibly be wasted?! Get your jamas on, a cuppa tea in hand, surround yourself with chocolate-peanutbutter-marshmallow-cookie-happiness stuff and waste time. And enjoy it.

4. Don't go to sleep on an argument or leave without saying I love you. I no doubt got this from my mam, but as I said - don't count on tomorrow. Make sure you're always happy for that to be the last thing you've ever said to that person. Yes it's a bit depressing but not as depressing as the thought of hateful final words.

5. If you want to go, go. But if you don't want to, you don't have to. So don't. Do things for you.This kind of links with number 3, if you hate a night out you will regret, that is more "wasted" time than chilling at home. Yes there's FOMO and your friends will have fun without you and you won't get all the new inside jokes and you'll end up a billy-no-mates but also just no... you're tired, you don't actually like that club at all and bed is nice. So so nice. Do what you wan't to do sometimes.

I hope that some of you reading will try to adopt these "rules" and tweak your way of thinking just a liiiiiittle bit. I hope you feel happier, relaxed and fulfilled as a result. Life is stressful, there's no doubting that but there's no use in making yourself unhappy and more stressed with unnecessary worry and pressure :-)



  1. I totally agree with all of these! I can't tell you how many times I've spent Friday night just scrolling Pinterest or watching YouTube and it never feels like I'm wasting time. I always think of it as my recharge time : ) Great post! Love your writing style.
    Steph x.

  2. Ahhhh my girl this post is just fabulous.. I literally live by every single one of these rules and it just leaves me feeling so happy and content at the end of my day! I spend hours reading blogs/watching YouTube videos and instead of seeing it as a waste of time.. I see it as my chill time that I deserve! Also... it is so important to remember that everything does happen for a reason.. and also if you work hard enough for something it WILL happen! Love this post.. its just SO BLOODY POSITIVE!! Love you girly!


  3. These are all very similar to the kind of rules I live by! The first one is particularly great for making me and others feel better when something bad happens. A great post and hopefully it will inspire others to lead happier lives and be more considerate to others! I find it hard to always think so positively as I've had a really tough past couple of years but we all need to look out for one another and also do things for ourselves that make us happy.

    Kate x

  4. I like the item #3 - I should see "wasting time" on the bright instead of thinking of it as a negative thing! x
    Clem | Ravacholle

  5. Love #1, i believe this too. Good or bad, everything happens for a reason, if it's not meant to be it won't be. x

  6. Totally agree with these rules. I love to keep some rules close by that I strive to live by and these 5 are defo in my list. xxx

  7. I totally agree too. It's definitely good to take a step back sometimes and remember that things happen for a reason. Great post.


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