Sunday, 30 April 2017

Seven Happy Things #1

 Recently, I was reading through my old "Sunday Smiles" posts and it was just so so lovely to read. They didn't necessarily get many views or an awful lot of engagement, but looking back was like reading a little diary of days and thing I had completely forgot about.

My life had also been pretty negative when I decided to start this, so I wanted to find the silver lining and reflect on the little (or big) good things that happen every day - buried beneath the broken phones, lost jobs, migraines and home buying stress.

Sunday: I SAW CHARLI. If any of you don't know who Charli is (which you almost defo do 'cause her blog is fabulous), she is from highstreetbeautyjunkie. She came to Cardiff for the day from Devon, and we had a lil' hot chocolate and a catch up and it was just marvelous. 

Monday: Was a bad day because I found out I had lost my job after only a week of working there But I also went for an interview at a VERY SPECIAL AMAZING shop (Read about the interview process here), that I wouldn't have even gone to if I hadn't lost my job. Still 9248023% a shitty thing to do though. 

Tuesday: We were fuming to hear that we had to close and pack up the shop ourselves the day after losing our jobs, but we got given loads of free make up and I used the last of my discount to pick up the bits I'd been fancying!

Wednesday: I took lots of pictures for my blog and Instagram to be super organised and ended up being sooo happy with the photos. It felt so good and I feel like I'm getting somewhere. Whilst my little photo station was set up, Puddles jumped in and settled down for a few hours (He enjoys getting in the way very, very much) and I managed to get some adorable shots of him.

Thursday: I know it's not cruelty free, but I attended a casual event at John Lewis with Bobbi Brown. I met loads of lovely new people, learned some new make up tricks and got a code for a free little brow shape session or makeover/how to at Bobbi Brown at John Lewis if any one is interested. Just use the code #TeriMayHowTo.

Friday: Start of the bank holiday weekend can I get a hell yea? Martin and I went to The Stable for some dinner, I had a delish vegetarian pie, then we came home and binge watched The US Office. Perf.

Saturday: Best day of the week - I got a job at Lush. I start on Monday. HOLY SHIT HOW GOOD IS THAT.



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  1. Oh my gosh - so jealous that you're working at Lush! Congrats - hope your first day goes/went well!! Puddles is gorgeous, by the way :) x x


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