Friday, 17 March 2017

New Garden Mood Board (For Our New House!)

After the stress and heartbreak of losing out on what we thought was our dream house a few months ago, we have great news. Everything absolutely does happen for a reason! We had an offer accepted and our mortgage application approved and we are completely on track to purchase our home. Miles better than the first and it's just a dream come true.

So, naturally, I've planned the decor for every single room and a have comprehensive Excel spreadsheet for everything we need (Colour coded by urgency... Yeah). One of the things I'm most excited for, though, is a garden. I've lived in a flat for 5 years now so when Spring comes and the sun starts peaking through the clouds, I often can't enjoy it like I would love to.

Our new garden is nothing special - it's a front garden (Not idea but not a deal breaker, obviously) and it's all gravel at the moment BUT it's got a hell of a lot of potential to be a pretty little space for me to sit down and read with a cup of tea or pitcher of something stronger when the weather is nice. Which is all I want!

I am in no way an accomplished gardener - I struggle to keep my Aloe Vera plant alive. But I desperately want a garden full of low maintenance flowers and bright blooms. Window boxes are perfect for that and the previous owners had climbing flowers around the front door that have seen better days so we'd love to bring those back to life. It's a stone fronted cottage so it really looks stunning covered in flowers!

How cute is the blue and yellow colour scheme? I just think it's so bright and pretty and I think I'd be very happy napping in my daybed from Fishpools garden range surrounded by all that. If you have the space that I am lacking in your garden, there are some beautiful rattan dining sets in their garden range that are definitely worth checking out!

I can't wait to keep you all updated on the house and maybe do a little house tour when we are all moved in. Fingers crossed everything else goes smoothly!


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  1. Absolutely awesome!!! See, I made you two would wind up as home owners one day. Congratulations, it couldn't happen to a luckier couple...

  2. I'd love a fire pit or a chimnea in my garden. So cosy and the smoke keeps bugs away.


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