Friday, 1 July 2016

All-Weather Summer Fun

Summer day ideas

So summer is supposedly here (although the weather seems to have missed the memo...) and asisde from my holiday which was just a little bit OMG, the summer seems to be escaping me. It's so easy to lie in, have breakfast and realise you've wasted half the day. Which, of course, you may as well finish by watching youtube videos in your jamas... Just me? So here's a bit of inspiration if you want to do something a bit more exciting whether you can be bothered to leave the house or not.


Sunny & at home: 

Apologies, my friends. this only works if you have some form of outdoor space so maybe not fit for us city-dwellers, but building an outdoor cinema is a lovely way to spend a dry, sunny day without leaving your home turf. It needs a little bit of effort at first as you build yourself a phone projector (this is a great tutorial: But once that’s done – grab some snacks (and booze), pull up  picnic blanket and have a “tv day” while still making the most of the summer sun!

Sunny & day out:

If you’ve got the budget then GO BIG – go to a theme park or a similarly fantastic attraction, but if you’re a bit lower on cash then a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon is to go on a penny date! I originally read about penny dating on Hannah’s blog and, of course, Martin and I went on one the next day and had SUCH a lovely day. The general premise is that you choose how many times you want to flip the penny and assign heads and tails to either left or right. Every time you stop you flip and then go where the penny takes you! We found an adorable little village where we had a beer garden lunch and saw some lovely sites on the way.

Rainy (most likely) & at home:

I’m sure on most rainy days, cuddling up with a box set and a billion cups of tea sounds like heaven. And I fully encourage this. But a fun way to spend a day in that’s also productive and gives you something to show for your time is a craft project! Make a scruffy coffee table all fancy, make your own bathbombs or washi-tape a wall! Pinterest is an absolute goldmine for inspiration for upcycling or DIY ideas and, although you may need to pop out to your nearest B&Q or hobbycraft, the pride of seeing your completed project will have you wishing for rainy days (but pls don’t do that). Check back soon for my latest super-quick and easy craft project!


Rainy & day out

I personally couldn’t care less about rain – I’ll still do exactly what I had planned to do, I’ll just get a bit wet. I know not everyone shares my enthusiasm and would maybe prefer something a bit dryer… So I've got 2 offerings, depending on what floats your boat. Firstly - visit a spa. What better way to spend a miserable day than chilling in a sauna or getting a massage? A quick google search will usually show you some good deals in your area. OR, for you more active souls, find yourself an indoor climbing wall or go-karting track, or even good old bowling. Let your inner child out to play, and if that means splashing in puddles on your way there then so be it...
 What have you been getting up to this summer so far? Will you try any of these ideas?
Teri-May xx


This post was written in collaboration with Provident for their Summer Tips Calendar

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