Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The "Do-It-All Makeup" Brush

If I had a quid for every time I used a brush for its namesake’s role… I would be one poor gal.
I just generally don’t use brushes for their intended purpose. It's not particularly a conscious decision, there’s always something they do that little bit better. But, a brush that does everything is the most magical among them!

The multitasking marvel in this case is the blush brush (£19) from the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection (300). The collection is obviously extreeeemely beautiful but this is old news, we’ve all seen and swooned. I wanted to bring a bit of attention back to this collection though as I’ve recently completely rediscovered my love for this particular brush.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Rose Gold Blush Brush

Here are my top 5 (YES, GIRL, FIVE!) ways to use this brush, in no particular order.

1. Blending out concealer. I typically like a sponge for this but sometimes I like to use a brush to mix it up a bit, especially for formulas that aren't as thick, and this is the perfect shape and size.

2. Setting concealer. This was the main function for me for a long time – I’d blend out my concealer with a sponge and then set it with powder using this brush. Again, the shape is perfect to fit comfortably under your eyes and its fluffy enough (but not too fluffy) to distribute the powder nicely.

3. Blush. Duh. Probably my least favourite use because, for me, it’s just a weeny bit too small. I like a slightly bigger, fluffier brush (more like the original RT blush brush) for a more natural look and easier application but you could definitely use it if its more your thing!

4. Contour. Something I’m currently trying out as I’m super bored with my normal contour routine and it’s got that fab tapered edge and it’s flat enough to give a pretty precise contour and get right under your cheekbones.

5. Highlight. This is my current favourite way to use it, especially when spring is here and I’m aaaalll about the glowy look! I want intense highlight all day err'day and this allows you to pack on the highlight as much as you want and I bloody love it. 

Real Techniques Bold Metals Rose Gold Blush Brush

I highly recommend this brush as an all-round multitasker – you could easily spot clean in between uses and do it for almost all the “finishing touches” on your face after your foundation is applied. What more could you want?! This is going to be especially handy when I'm jetting off to Morroco (eeekkk!) in a few weeks with hand luggage only...

What’s your favourite multitasking beauty product? Do you have an all-round brush like this?
Teri-May xx


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  1. This looks like an amazing brush! Just what I've been looking for lately.


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