Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My Christmas Routine

If you're a regular reader of A Cup of T you may have noticed that I have abandoned blogmas. I felt that I was churning out a lot of posts for the sake of it, and in trying to keep up with daily posting my quality suffered. So, I'm back to posting twice a week (three times if I'm feeling naughty and slack off from my uni work...).

For today, I wanted to talk you through my Christmas Day routine! My  routine starts on Christmas Eve. It’s going to be a bit different this year because I’m working in Cardiff (sad face) AND Martin is staying with my family! I’m SO excited! It's lovely to spend time with my family this time of year,  as I've been living away for the last few years and I do miss them a lot sometimes (read about that here)

Christmas tree
I know a couple of my friends share this Christmas Eve tradition with me… Christmas PJS!! Anyone else?! God forbid you go to bed on Christmas Eve with scruffy old pyjamas on. Got to make sure you look on point for santa. Last year Josie and I had matching panda PJs from primark and they were just life. SO FLUFFY.

Christmas morning we get up bright DARK and early. I used to be one of those kids itching to get downstairs at half 3 when my mam and dad had only just themselves gone to bed, but I manage to sleep a teeeeeny bit later these days. Josie and I have ridiculous stockings. They are gigantic. We were able to fit in them until we were about 13. They’re obviously not as filled up with bigger, cheaper presents as they used to be but we still get lots of goodies. The standard fluffy socks and undies, a couple of books, some pretty jewellery, enough sweets to open a shop and the silly novelty gifts. (I had “Queen of Fucking Everything” bunting a few years back, cause, y’know. #queenteri). We drag those big old bags of fun into my parents room and open them on their bed. That will never change. :-)

We make our way downstairs and open the main presents. We have a sofa each with our presents piled on top, wrapped in different paper for each of us. My mam is such a cutie. Josie rips the paper off her present in about 0.2342 seconds flat barely looking at what’s inside while I, obviously, unfold the paper neatly and take a good look. Then, of course, is Mammy and Daddy’s turn before the rest of the family arrive!

Late morning my cousin and uncle pop over, recently with their adorbs little dog, Loki, in tow and we swap presents. They leave to carry on the rounds of festive greetings and my grandparents arrive. BIG YAY. I am aware that I am so privileged to have all of my family living a stone’s throw from me. I get to see everyone special to me on such an important, special day. My two nans and my grampa turn up and MORE PRESENT CANRAGE ENSUES. What a bloody day. Slight chill for a bit while the last of the food is prepped, then we tuck into dinner.

Now, I know this may seem excessive, but we have a six course Christmas dinner. #NOSHITSGIVEN. We always start with a soup (made by yours truly) before a small fish course which I will never have eaten until this year (!!). We pause before the big guns come out: our monster turkey. We have all the trimmings, of course, although most of my family are horrified by my pathetic little dinner with no turkey or gravy (vegetarian problems). Another break. Then dessert number one is usually something special and fancy that I’ve made (I love to bake!) and is followed by Christmas pudding. Quite frankly I wouldn’t touch Christmas pudding with a ten foot pole. It is revolting, but it’s a tradition. We do the whole setting it on fire fandango and have to rummage around for the quid my nan has hidden in the depths of the sponge. At this point we usually start to play one of the ridiculous games my Nan brings round. The last year or two we’ve had a sprout chocolate roulette (vom) and a penguin stacking game that was a lot more fun than it should have been…

Then it’s cheese board time! Although Josie and I are normally passed out in the living room in a food coma by this point. Late evening the grandparents make their way home and Mammy, Daddy, Josie and I, often with the addition of my best friend and Josie’s boyfriend (AND MARTIN THIS YEAR WOOHOO) play a game or two and reminisce about Christmases past while we struggle to keep our eyes open.

It’s all over WAY too soon and the countdown until next year begins again…

This post ended up a lot longer than anticipated woops! 
But I would love to hear about your routines! How does your day pan out? :-)


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