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Easy Handmade Advent Calendar #24DaysofWren

Handmade Matchbox Advent Calendar, #24daysofwren | AcupofT

Here are four things I like:
1. CHRISTMAS (!!!!!!!!!)
2. Getting crafty
3. Giving gifts
4. Personal touches

So when Wren Kitchens got in touch and asked if I would like to get involved in a crafty project and to share my Christmas creations as part of their #24DaysofWren campaign I was more than happy to oblige!

Last Christmas I made Martin an advent calendar a little different from your standard. It was a little cube of drawers with a "gift" inside each; little things that mean something to him. One day contained the promise of any film he wanted to watch, another contained a massage. My favourite was the promise of a "tea and cake date" on me that week. One little act of love or festive cheer in each drawer. :-)

He loved it! So this year is time for take two and involves lots of chocolate.
Twenty four stacked drawers containing limericks, riddles and clues for where some chocolate goodies are hiding in the house. Obviously if you're not a poet, simple, non-rhyming clues will do but I enjoy the challenge!

You will need -
12 match boxes (emptied)
Wrapping paper (preferably festive!)
A black pen

What to do -

Step 1 - Matchboxes

Empty all the match boxes (slightly soul destroying seeing all those wasted matches - if you have any clever suggestions for how to use them, please let me know!) and remove the drawers. Stack them as desired.

Once you're happy with the positioning, glue them carefully into place

Step 2 - Stack and glue the matchboxes

While the glue is drying, measure out how much wrapping paper you'll need to cover the top and sides of your calendar. It should be as wide as your calendar, don't worry if you need to use a few different pieces. Carefully smooth it along each "step" and try and get the edges nice and crisp.

Step 3 - Cover the matchboxes in festive paper

Once you're happy, pop the drawers back in and write the numbers on the front and back. This is a reversible calendar with each matchbox serving as the drawer for two days. Although I wrote my numbers in chronological order I think it would be fun to mix it up and give the recipient a bit of a challenge!

Stick a bow on top and any other pretty, festive decorations you found (how adorable are these little snowmen?!), and step back to take it all in. Your calendar is complete!
How quick and easy was that?

Step 4 - add the finishing touches

Such an lovely but simple way to enjoy the build up to Christmas and give someone a personalised early present ('cause who doesn't love an early pressie?).
Enjoy, guys - let me know if any of you attempt this, I'd love to see your creations :-)

And don't forget to check out the whole advent calendar at


  1. Oh this is adorable, I love it! I'd love to make one of these and then alternate the treat in each day with my mum, but these homemade advent calendars are a great idea. x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  2. This is such a cute idea! I wish I had the time to make something like this x

  3. gorgeous idea!! Wish I had spotted this earlier - alas, next year or perhaps I will throw one together soon :) jenny xxx

  4. Oh my god I LOVE this!!!! :)

    We have an advent calendar that we fill ourselves but your ideas sound way more fun than the traditional chocolate/sweets! Definitely need to give this a go next year! x


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