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Clinque High Impact Mascara | Review

This story starts about 2 years ago when an issue of Cosmo had a little sample product of this mascara. And it was love at first sight. I bought two copies and the mascaras lasted me quite a while, but when they ran out there was a hole in my makeup bag that needed to be filled. So of course, I treated myself at the airport on my way to Mexico when I realised it was only £15, as you do, and here we are today.
Me and my buddy. 

I am usually more than happy with my drugstore mascaras so I was kind of reluctant to splash out on a mascara that was double the price of my average. The L'Oreal Millionizer that I was using at the time had cost me £11 (possibly £12) and a couple of quid more didn't seem ground breaking so I took the plunge. 
The packaging is simple, classy and stylish which is a far cry from a lot of the Maybelline or Rimmel brands that are often gaudy and OTT in an attempt to stand out from the army of cheap mascaras on the shelves. Bright yellow, Maybelline? Really?

I adore the formula and the wand combination. I am a mascara picker (I know. Vile. Please don't judge me) but I never pick this one as there are no clumps whatsoever. The application is even, soft and fluttery - a look that I am a big big fan of. It's also very buildable and can give quite a dramatic false lash effect which is definitely enhanced by how very dark and pigmented the formula is. The wand looks standard and like nothing special but it allows for very easy application that coats every lash instantly.

PLEASE excuse my black right eye. I injure myself too often to wait for a day my face isn't maimed or marked in some way for a picture. Woops.
(L - no mascara, R -Clinique High Impact mascara)
(L - no mascara, R - Clinique High Impact mascara)
I also hope you enjoy my creepy eye picture staring at you. (I hope it's clear that they are different eyes at different times. I am NOT cross-eyed or wonky faced. Much.)

It absolutely holds it own when compared to other similarly prices mascaras from the likes of Benefit or MAC so if you are a high end beauty junkie I can't recommend this highly enough. But for me, like I said, I like my budget mascaras that I can happily afford to repurchase and experiment with. However, when I want a high end beauty splurge/when I am super rich (still waiting...) I would repurchase this without a second thought.

T. xxx

What is your favourite mascara?
Are you a  high-end or budget girl?


  1. Great blog! I just started mine about gardening, phytotherapy and tea blends. Have a look if you like:

    Much love!

    1. Thank you, I love tea as you can probably guess! So i'll take a look :-)

  2. This looks incredible!!
    Charlotte //

    1. It is so good, I do really love it :-)

  3. I love how it looks (btw, you have such long and black lashes, mines seem to be gone to Easter Island haha). And in my case, I'm more of a drugstore mascaras type of girl, I think low-end brands have very good mascaras, and as you've said, I can buy one to try it and experiment, and if I don't like it or it doesn't work, I don't feel bad, but when that happens with high-end products...
    Have an amazing day, gorgeous xx

    1. Thank you so much! I can't fault the drugstore brands, they'll always be my go-to. I just hate handing over a big wad of cash for something I put on little hairs on my eyes haha!
      You too, lovely. Thanks for stopping by :-) xx

  4. Love this and the way you wrote the review, it made me laugh! It seems like a really good mascara but Roller Lash will always have my heart. I'd be interested in the sample size though. xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. Thanks :-) Everyone absolutely raves about Roller Lash and I still haven't tried it, I'm actually using what is apparently a Roller Lash dupe at the moment and I love it!

  5. Amazing and fun review, girlie. I love my budget mascaras and they work perfectly for me as well! :)
    Thanks for sharing about one of your loves. I have never even given much thought to Clinique mascara, must check it out ;) The price is higher than I would normally spend on a mascara but like you said, it is amazing and worth it (just waiting to get rich as well haha).
    xox Nadia

  6. Great review! I had a tester of this and forgot how much I like it, now on my list ahah!xx


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